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I’m just a girl who’s in love with the world.  SANDY in Grease at The Winter Garden in Toronto! Tickets on sale now 💫

When you and @benjcamenzuli twin on the first day of rehearsals and decide you're bffs 👯 @grease_to
Meet Josh Prince, our fearless and wonderful director of @grease_to 😍⚡️He is a force and we are in awe everyday.
Toronto! Tune in to @bttoronto tomorrow morning to see me and beautiful @katicatronica talk all things @grease_to ⚡️
Adventure #1 in Toronto began when @c_long came to visit Klee and I. Toronto...you're cool
My view for a while. 😍
Ready to start my new adventure in Toronto for 4 months, but this time I get to bring my girl. It's Kleo's first time on a plane, so wish her luck. Can't wait to wait to start a new chapter playing Sandy in @grease_to! Come see us there 💫
Klee is so ready for Toronto with her new Grease inspired pink poodle bandana designed by mama P! See? Look at that toothy grin!
I dream of caffeine ☁️💤☕️ shop my coffee candle on @cznd at janelparrish.com/shop
Leaving my best girls for 4 months and I just can't deal 😭 I love my blondies @imlindsaytaylor @nicole.goss
When you have some 🍷 and practice your song from @grease_to at a wedding cabaret...want more?! Buy tickets today at greasetoronto.com 🤣 @vdrstar @ryansalonen
Tickets officially go on sale today! You comin? @grease_to tickets at greasetoronto.com 💫
Hey guys I haven't changed #sass #10yearoldJ
So long #campbigskywithvinceandry ! We had the most amazing time celebrating the marriage of @ryansalonen and @vdrstar 💫 never seen so much love in one room. You guys are special. Love you both!!! Featuring @brian_dare @instaryry @rosemarziale @allikinzel to name a few!
Married. Words can't express my joy to be able to witness such beautiful humans become one. Your love inspires us all. Love you both so much @vdrstar @ryansalonen #campbigskywithvinceandry
My wedding date is kind of dreamy...had the best time celebrating the marriage of @ryansalonen and @vdrstar #campbigskywithvinceandry
A little hoe down throw down at #campbigskywithvinceandry
#campbigskywithvinceandry is off to a great and beautiful start already... @c_long @vdrstar @ryansalonen
Get yo tickets. Greasetoronto.com @grease_to