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New avi or whateva ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Stay humble, hustle hard.
I need to do more close ups 🤔
Live life on the edge
The boy next door
Happy Easter! Here's some cacti succulent things
All we did during this shoot was blast Kendrick Lamar's new album and get some amazing shots @imdanielhalligan
Snapchat told me it was #NationalPetDay so here's a pic of a dog that's not even mine. Love u Boomer ❤️🐶
⚠️Caution: Sharp ⚠️
Big thank you to @drivethruboba's for letting me try their new Roasted Barley ice cream!! It was so good, solid 11/10 would recommend. Also, best bubble tea I've ever had, and amazing staff. Alex, Karen, Edward, and the rest of the Drive Thru family are super friendly and now know my name since I go so often 😂
Btw college seniors, I got you too. Also v jealous of this one because she's kinda traveling the world. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Juniors! Are you ready for senior year? Let's do your senior portraits! DM me or shoot me an email!
Beyond proud of this little one. Kaira has committed to Chapman University in SoCal with a full ride scholarship. Get it girl.
Thinkin' about pizza like
Send me your location lets, ride the vibrations I don't need nothing else but you
Boy bye
young, wild, and free
Like cmon, look how beautiful these humans are. Also @enterthestudio is seriously a stunning studio. Amazing lighting by this window, I got TONS of shots here.