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Actress~Dancer~Singer 18 God 1st BTB Management Immabeast "Kathleen" on TNT's The Last Ship Twitter: @JadeChynoweth Inquiries: jadechynoweth@yahoo.com

💙Denim Girl💙
Baby all I need is a lil bit😏 Just so I don't have to hear any comments about my wardrobe, I AM WEARING A TAN SPORTS BRA that FULLY covers my chest so don't even go there . Just enjoy the dancing. Choreo: @jojogomezxo and @_cjsalvador Song: A Lil Bit by @50cent Dancers: @imankarram @jadebug98 @sayaninja Pants from @nunbangkok
Part ✌🏼 Focused on chillen and not over doing it. Song: Take My Time Artist: @chrisbrownofficial Full video--> LINK IN BIO P.S. the music in both videos somehow gets off with the dancing as it gets towards the end, so watch the full version on YouTube for better music and vid matchup.
Had to repost this because I love Marcuthsssss!! Love my my bro and our random little photo shoots haha😜!
•Taking my time with this freestyle. I was inspired by this song and this beautiful view. It got me in the moooooood😏 •Full video on my YouTube, link in bio! •Feeling super blessed and I express myself through movement. (I have to keep reposting because the video and music are off every time it posts) Song: Take My Time Artist: @chrisbrownofficial TAG HIM
Cheers to the freaking weekend🥂
1 Million followers?!?!?!?! Thank you guys sooo much! For me it's never been about how many followers I have, but about how many people I can inspire. I know I wasn't able to gain a following without countless mentors and true friends pushing me and supporting me. I read each and every comment and I thank you guys for your consistent love and encouragement. I hope that in return I can inspire you guys with who I am and what I love to do. Remember to never change for anybody or anything...life, family, school, even this industry can all get tough and can try to change you, but the most important thing is to stay true to yourself and be kind. When all the titles, followers, jobs, and skills are stripped away, being a good person is what matters most! Love you all so much! Sleep tight😘😘😘😘 #alwaysrememberwhereicamefrom #onemillie #organicsupporters #youdabest
H•A•P•P•I•N•E•S•S You have every reason to smile if you direct your focus on all that you have versus all that you don't:)
Status: major bed head
What happens between takes....👅💁🏽👅 @mizzk.o @laurynmcclain 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Always laughing with these hooligans... My family for the next 4 months. Can't wait to share with you guys what is that I'm doing, but so far I'm having the time of my life💜💜 #YTRedOriginal #Lionsgate
Must be love on the brain... @galenhooks Choreo @timmilgram filming
So Instagram decided to delete this amazing piece... so I think it deserves another try. I put my heart and soul into my dancing so I hate when people try to take them down. Artists should be happy their music is inspiring people... I was inspired and I hope this inspires others....that's how we can make this world a better place, inspiring each other. Choreo: @galenhooks Filmed by: @timmilgram
Dance with me @leegumbsphotography
There is fire and desire in her eyes...🌞🔥🌞 #nofilter
Best friends... #nationalbestfriendday love you so much Logan... sisters, friends, and roomies for life😘 @imankarram @loganrileyhassel
So I hear it's National Best Friends Day.... so here I go lol Lucky to have @imankarram in my life. She's been so supportive and accepting of who I am, my path, and my goals. She's legit the sister I've never had. I honestly don't know what I'd do without her. Her beauty, intelligence, poise, and work ethic inspires me daily! You da best Imance Pance. Also this day is shared with my other best friends who have been there for me since I can remember @shurene @loganrileyhassel @cruttan1006 @tia_thompson_ @brittanybrown__ Revision!!! @willdabeast__ @janelleginestra @alexandernxg @ashleighwf
Sweet🍬Salty🥜and Spicy🌶 #goodnight
Definitely in the presence of some angels right here!!! @talia_favia 's class always gets me connected and grounded. Helps me find deeper meaning for my movements. @chazbuzan @lex_ishimoto @crschwartz @sievetaylor @andreaabess ( and one other amazing artist I don't have the insta handle of) 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽