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Director of Content at @beautifuldestinations πŸ“§:jacob@beautifuldestinations.com 🌍: New York πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Dropping into New York City with bae πŸ’• @flynyon third wheeling our date spectacularly πŸ˜‰ #beautifuldestinations
The Leshan Giant Buddha...basically 71 metres of Buddha hand carved out of a mountain in China. Insane 😳 we had such an insane time exploring Sichuan last week with @beautifuldestinations #beautifuldestinations
This morning I landed back in New York after a 2 week adventure in China with @beautifuldestinations. @jeremyjauncey @mikevisuals, @jordhammond and I were there creating content for our Weibo page with help from @vsmediaofficial. Our first week was filled with exploring the far reaches of the Sichuan province, while the second week focused on what to do in and around Chengdu. This was shot as we drove out to the Leshan Buddha! Looking forward to sharing more of our epic trip with you over the coming weeks. #beautifuldestinations
My boy @lmt_ pictured here in snowy Germany has just released some amazing prints on his website, head over to his account now and then head to his website to check them out πŸ’• #beautifuldestinations
After spending two weeks with @jordhammond I am seriously craving a trip back to Bali, shall we go @hayleyvincent? πŸ˜‰Been awesome having him on board for the recent @beautifuldestinations trip to China, we have 2 more days here and loads more to see! #beautifuldestinations
Explored the largest community of Buddhist Nuns in the world, it was truly one of the most mind blowing places I have ever been. Thanks to @beautifuldestinations and @vsmediaofficial for making this possible πŸ’• #beautifuldestinations
Sunrises with you are the best πŸ’• Enjoying early mornings at @cocobayresort 🌴 #beautifuldestinations
For the past week @beautifuldestinations has been exploring the Sichuan province of China with @vsmediaofficial! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ It's safe to say I have never been so blown away by what a country has to offer, this to me looks like the Dolomites or Banff but I never thought I would be exploring these types of landscapes in China. Check out our IG story for more action! #beautifuldestinations
Been lucky enough to see some amazing places over the last few years with @beautifuldestinations. This week celebrates my 2 year mark with BD. It has been amazing to see the company grow into what it is today and I can't wait to see where we go in the future. As always the biggest thanks goes to @tomjauncey and @jeremyjauncey who brought me on 2 years ago and have been such inspirations throughout that time, not only did they bring me into BD but they have been like brothers to me and it's been an honour to work with them. Bring on the next years!! 🌏❀️ #beautifuldestinations
Mornings in Paris with @beautifuldestinations ❀️ #beautifuldestinations
Smiles all round as we hang out over New York City with @flynyon 🚁These are the moments I live for 😍 #beautifuldestinations
Exploring the Taj Mahal at sunrise last year with @doyoutravel and @gypsea_lust at the #IndiaInstameet hosted by @beautifuldestinations 🌏
Lazy days at the beach drinking from fresh coconuts 🌴 // @cocobayresort #beautifuldestinations
❀️ you London. #StayStrong
Autumn vibes at Neuschwanstein Castle πŸ‚ In other news, the #BDteam takes off on our most exciting 2 week trip to date. Any guesses where we are going? @beautifuldestinations
Date night with bae πŸ’•// Thanks at @flynyon for taking such good care of us #beautifuldestinations
Can't get over how cute this little guy was 🐢 Exploring Soho with @hayleyvincent, @tomjauncey and @masha.photo #beautifuldestinations
Definitely no regrets getting up at 5am to watch the sunrise when it looks like this πŸŒ…Enjoying our final morning at @cocobayresort #beautifuldestinations
When bae comes to New York πŸ’•// @hayleyvincent // @flynyon knows how to take care of us. #beautifuldestinations
Wandering those pristine beaches 🌴 // @cocobayresort #beautifuldestinations