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Practicing for the next cover!
Videogames and Whiskey are a good mix!
4am drumming is the best!!
It’s a scary time out there for a lot of people! Massive hurricane storms are tearing parts of the world apart and I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to be caught up in something like that! We all have a responsibility to do what we can in times like these, especially if you have any sort of influence over others, I feel like it’s important to do something good and positive with that. A positive and very active community like this can do wonderful things if we put our minds to it! With that being said, we are selling special edition gold septiceye shirts with fanfiber as a means of raising some sort of money for the relief funds in relation to these disasters. If you can help out at all please do and if you can’t afford to buy one yourself then please spread the word around to as many as you can because that costs nothing and we can all afford to spread a good initiative. You can buy the shirts at the link below and remember, every little bit helps!
https://jacksepticeye.fanfiber.com/ (Might have to copy paste cos IG doesn't allow linking)
Blue Boy!
I've been expecting you!
Airport Life! 🤘🤘🤘
Vroom Vroom!!
When people finally get off your lawn!
My son has a lovely smile!
Can you?
PAX prep is all done so i'm enjoying an evening of Mario + Rabbids!
Recorded my first drum cover!
Finally got the drums set up, expect to see some drumming videos soon :)
No Fun Allowed!
Where are those White Walkers?
Feelin clean!
Kendrick vinyl finally arrived!
Dino bro friend!