Goat @itzkdyp

Holy crap guys please help me choose which logo to rock first. I love both of them and will use them both. Which do you think is cooler? Made by @momspagghetti (left) And @yosufkam (right) Both of these two gents are insanely good at making this type of stuff!! Fuqboi: @usyrp Partners👅🤘: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @impyqe @skewbydewbydew @wild_guardian @_solopoppinn_ #Destiny #crucible #hunter #warlock #titan #xboxone #xbox #gaming #thumbs #trials #osiris #ToO #guardian #goat
What is the master race? Got a new montage coming at you soon!! Huge thanks to every loyal follower and new ones, almost to 400!! Also anyone wanna make me a dope logo? Dm me for the details please😘 Fuqboi: @usyrp Partners👅🤘: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @impyqe @skewbydewbydew @wild_guardian @_solopoppinn_ #Destiny #crucible #hunter #warlock #titan #xboxone #xbox #gaming #thumbs #trials #osiris #ToO #guardian #goat
Thanks to @expoxur and @more_satan I got 3 exotics in just one raid run!!😄😄 thanks guys! -Necro -Abyss -Word of crota Fuq boi: @usyrp Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @impyqe @skewbydewbydew
Sums up my night with @coocoocr4zygamez haha more clips coming Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @impyqe @coocoocr4zygamez @skewbydewbydew @usyrp
5 attempts!! Goodluck😉 No hints and if you guess correctly please don't tell anyone, you'll ruin it for everyone haha Partners: @expoxur 👅 @reset_tuesday 💃 @impyqe 💎 @skewbydewbydew 👑 Any other cuties??
Young trigguh Just something I mashed up real quick!!😘😘😋 Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @kyukiz_ #Destiny #crucible #hunter #warlock #xbox #gaming #thumbs
I still can't find the time to make a minitage, but I'm trying lol. Small clip, tip toein Worst week of trials for me in a long time.... Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @kyukiz_
#SHANGAVIBESTRIBE @shangavibes Let's get this W boys lol goodluck @lootscore @kontrolfreek
I literally have 3 clips of gameplay from that one game, ya please report him
Please read and scroll through.... These guys are trying to cheat and attempted to boot us from trials. They failed and got smacked.. be careful guardians
Easy run with these cool kats, even played NDS TaLoN. Off topic👇👇 It's time for me to say goodbye to some interesting guys. We had a good run, but it would be in the best interest for us to part ways. Farewell and I wish you the best. Keep moving foward with your heads high... Partners: @expoxur @kyukiz_ Will continue to grow...
Smacked the hell out of Atheon in about 6 seconds lmao, super fun run with the squad Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @kyukiz_ @impyqe @fullautomapador @nolighthouse
Barely played on my account this week, but I did bring my year 3 kd up to a 2.2! My goal is to hit 2600 within the next two weeks... going to try to put up more clips tonight😘 Partners/homies: @expoxur (bae) @reset_tuesday (stud) @kyukiz_ (prince) @fullautomapador (Jew) @impyqe (cutie) @imizyv (follow) 😍😍😍😍😍😍^^^^^
He changed his name lmao now please go follow my boy! Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @kyukiz_ @fullautomapador @impyqe
(Part 2) void walkers are perfect!! Two clutches and two novas! Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @kyukiz_ @pjmonster58 @fullautomapador
(Part 1) hit these clips in a 2v3 in trials. Our 3rd got ddcd but we ended up winning 5-4! Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @kyukiz @pjmonster58 @fullautomapador
Just thought the little raffle would be a cool and interesting thing to try. If it gains popularity, I'll continue doing it every week! Partners: @expoxur @reset_tuesday @kyukiz_ @fullautomapador @pjmonster58