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Image of Batboy in Weymouth by @iainmckell #batman
Actress Noomi Rapace who took the key role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Photographed by @jude_edginton
The Revival Of The Aral Sea. The new feature by @didierbizet .The little village of Tastubek situated in the little Aral sea, (the north part of the Aral sea) which has been forever altered by the Soviet Union, is situated 90km from Aralsk, a former port on the Aral Sea. Since the completion of the Kokaral dam in 2005 financed by the world bank, and the installation of an electricity grid in 2009, the winds of change have reached Tastubek. Akerke and her husband Nurzhan moved to the village a few years ago, making a living fishing, an industry which seemed to have been wiped out in this region of Kazakstan until recently. More than 15 kinds of fish have reemerged, allowing fishing production to expand from 600 tons in 1996 to 7,200 tons today said Serik Dyussenbayev, a guide living in Aralsk. Bracing the 45-degree heat in summer and the -25-degree winters, Nurzhan and his fishermen friends, work 7 days a week. And so in Tastubek, in the far-off Aral Sea, Akerke, Nurzhan and their daughter Dilnaz can now feel every hope for the future. It seems that time has changed now in the little Aral sea region, the ground is getting more green and birds sing along the reeds. The project of the second phase of the dam with 4 meters higher will bring the water to Aralsk and fully restore the North part says Serik. But at the moment, money is going to the Expo2017 in Astana and only the president Noursoultan Nazarbaïev will decide when. #aral
New cool photo feature by @franckbohbot he has now photographed a beautiful, cinematic series of portraits on New York Indie Booksellers. Check out the work on the @instituteartist site #indiebooks #bookseller #booksellers #newyork
Clara Vannucci's 'Calcio Storico' in Cityzine The "Calcio Storico”, historical football, is a medieval ancestor of a fusion between modern rugby, street fighting and football. Dating back to the 16th century and still played every summer in #Florence. #calciostorico Clara Vannucci/INSTITUTE @claravannu
Helene, 31 years, student I have spent many years deliberately not talking about or association myself with food. In school I used to eat really early in the morning and starve myself for the whole day. I was sure that if my classmates saw me eating they would be as disgusted with my body as I was. One night when I was feeling really low I googled: “Is there anyone in the world who wants to hook up with a fat girl”. That night a new world revealed itself to me. I discovered body positivism and a whole world of people who looked liked me and LOVED THEMSELFES. It was life changing for me. Image by @mariehaldphoto of @momentagency from the series Perfect Girls
@joelredman1 photographed Newlyn Art School for @monoclemagazine #pastel #art #art🎨
Can a single company be responsible for the birth of up 70.000 children in the world? Yes. The global sperm donation industry is booming, has a leader country and a sperm bank claimed as the largest sperm bank in the world. Cryos, a company that was established in Aarhus in 1987, has become one of Denmark’s top exports delivering to more than 80 countries: about 96 percent of its sperm is exported. As the market developed and demand increased, initially from heterosexual couples with fertility issues and then from single mothers and homosexual couples, the Danish laboratories became a reference point due to many factors. The high quality human sperm and eggs from selected and screened donors, the supposed virility of Danish men linked with the demand of a ‘Viking baby’, apparently a big detail that makes the difference. In many countries it is illegal to use non-anonymous donors (this influences the low number of local donors like in the UK, one-third of the sperm used there is imported) but the large selection of Cryos bank provides both types, anonymous or named. A great amount of information can be offered if the donor is indeed named. Potential parents can listen to the voices of donors, read about their childhood, see their baby photos, know race, ethnicity, eye and hair color, height, weight, blood type and in most cases education and occupation. The price depends on the profile chosen and it is also possible to choose for an exclusive donor (nobody else will purchase/reserved sperm from this man's profile). This comes at a price though, a whopping additional 12,000 euros! Delivery is available for EU countries (1-2 weekdays) or the rest of the world (1-5 weekdays) with dry ice or liquid nitrogen containers. From the bank to your home: this is the way Cryos delivers new life to this planet. Work by @giuliodisturco
Image from The Land Of Salt and Fire in the @nytmag now with a #vr component. Photography and video by @andrea_frazzetta #danakil
It is 3.30 pm on the Lofoten islands. The sun has set almost an hour ago and the moon rising between two snow mountains reflects its bright light onto the icy beach of Flakstad. Even though we are hundreds of kilometers North of the Arctic Circle , the most popular activity here is surfing . The Lofoten islands are famous worldwide for their scenic fishing villages surrounded by snow mountains, icy bays and northern lights. Although it is cod fishing that has traditionally played the dominant role in the islands’ history a local surfing scene has emerged in the little bay of Unstad, cut off from the rest of the island by mountains. Nowadays, what used to be the village school has become a surf camp welcoming adventurers and professional surfers from all around the world coming to defy the best waves of the Arctic. #lofoten #lofotenislands #arctic #arcticsurf #surf #surfing #flakstad #flakstadbeach Tim Franco/INSTITUTE @timfranco
@franckbohbot directs a beautiful cinematic trailer for the series 'Cuts' about barbers in New York
Jude Edginton photographs 'Circus Kids : Our Secret World' for Channel 5. This revealing documentary series provides a honest insight into the world of circus kids. This new series looks at the kids growing up, working and performing in a touring circus. Fifteen-year-old Yasmin dreams of a permanent slot as an aerialist, but she has only recently taken it up, with top performers starting at the age of three or four. Meanwhile, two-year-old twins Esmerelda and Scarlett are already part of their grandfather’s act. More dedicated, passionate and diligent young people would be hard to imagine. @jude_edginton @channel5_tv #circuskids
Susana Raab's 'The Invisible Wall' in Mother Jones, intimate photos of the Other Washington DC @susanagraph @motherjonesmag
Image taken from @didierbizet stunning series titled Summer In Crimea. @polkamagazine beautifully published a portfolio in the June/July issue.
Old biplane on a display plinth at the Exhibiton grounds in #Kabul, #Afganistan #Afghanman Simon Norfolk/INSTITUTE @simonnorfolkstudio
Inside the #rainforest of #LosGuatuzos. A tiny #frog with a red body and blue legs (Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog - Dendrobates Pumilio). This rare specimen has found optimal conditions for her only inside this forset, with temperature constantly between 27 and 28 degrees and the humidity at ground always around 100%. This little frog’s venom dart is one of the most toxic among all 'poison dart' frogs, used by the natives for dipping their arrows tips. #dartfrog Andrea Frazzetta/INSTITUTE @andrea_frazzetta
Bruce Budowle, former Director of the FBI Forensic Laboratory, and the man responsible for establishing the protocols and methods for how we use DNA to fight crime and identify missing persons. He Brought #DNA to the FBI, #forensicscience #wetellstories Max Aguilera Hellweg/INSTITUTE @xfilm7
#TerminalMirage is an aerial survey of the #Grea SaltLake and its environs, a surreal, apocalyptic, and strangely beautiful region. #aerialphotography David Maisel/INSTITUTE @davidmaisel1
The "Calcio Storico”, historical football, is a medieval ancestor of a fusion between modern rugby, street fighting and football. Dating back to the 16th century and still played every summer in #Florence. Four teams, formed by 27 players each, named after four colors (white, red, green and blue) and representing respectively the four neighborhoods of Santo Spirito, Santa Maria Novella, San Giovanni and Santa Croce, face each other every year in the beautiful setting of Santa Croce square under a merciless Tuscan sun, using each part of their body. For injured, no substitutions are allowed, thats why the players, even if with broken bones, keep playing in the field for those endless 50 minutes of the game. There are a few rules, but choking, punching, and are allowed, making Calcio Storico a unique sport experience of medieval brutality. #calciostorico #football Clara Vannucci/INSTITUTE @claravannu
@gilesinfo photographs #MichaelEavis - Farmer and #glastonburyfestival Founder @glastofest