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Met @thecwriverdale family yesterday... thanks for the warm welcome. Can't wait to start #hiramlodge #Riverdale
Hey!!!! Watch my buddy's new show on FOX. Love Connection 9pm east
@thecwriverdale photo shoot..met the legend Luke Perry. #Riverdale #thecw
Hank Hebel Hella Helping me figure out the tip... #alliterationmondays.
Mother's Day cards✔️. Flowers✔️. Brunch w/out any squabbles✔️. Mission accomplished..
Mother's Day flowers came early.... Happy Mother's Day eve to my fave.
Little man ...big 👊.. thanks for the workout @thefranklester .. Great Sunday session with @sixgungibson and @jonnybones
Me and the champ @twooodley night shoot #nightshift
Yes!!! We did it!!! ❤️🌹🌹🌹 Happy 21st anniversary to my fave... I'll save the mushy stuff for when I see you ..
Rest In Peace Sandy... Love and miss you.
Some these people won Olympic medals, national and world championships, All American status.. and some have won Soap Digest Awards...can you spot them?
Not sure what our 14 yr old is trying to tell us.. #pub #weed #wrestling