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Sunday workout ✔️... @kjapa and @_melton_ went beast mode. #riverdale #legendseries
Yo. The wheels come off today.. Follow along as I take over the @NBCNightShift Instagram today!
Chapter 2 of the "LEGEND" series. @kjapa #riverdale #legendseries @thecwriverdale
Chapter 1 of the #legendseries "Hole in one" @kjapa @thecwriverdale cc: @johnlegend
As @jrlemon2 says, "Just breaking hearts and saving lives" Tonight on @nbcnightshift
It's on.... #Lodgezito
I'm feeling adventurous this weekend. Check out this awesome kayak and raft from Marshalls. Can't wait to try them out. #ad #MarshallsSurprise
Morning Vancity...
When Blip and Oscar reunite in look away #pitch
Gotta "hand" it to @thebradcarter ...he knocks it out the park tonight on @nbcnightshift
Nothing screams Canada Day like Ghost Busters.. happy bday Canada!!
Prepping for the holiday weekend with exciting finds from @Marshalls. I always find something to please the whole fam. #ad #MarshallsSurprise
Tonight's episode will leaving you scratching your heads..and other parts. Find out what my friend @jrlemon2 expects me to do tonight on @nbcnightshift 10/9c.. #theotherkindalice
@caseycott and I getting a blowout....Hiram and Kevin hatching a devious plan... #riverdale
Met this little fella on a hike today. He was up to no good taggin' trees and stuff. We had a nice talk and I straightened him out. Swipe left for enjoyment ..
Partnered with @Marshalls to find amazing travel gear and accessories for my upcoming summer getaway. #ad #MarshallsSurprise
Good morning. Happy summer!! May it be filled with Rose'..maybe not in the morning... but why not
2 more days to go!! @nbcnightshift premiere
Ok...this is good ... #riverdale
Happy bday Lola. 16yrs ago I got the best Father's Day present. This is how I'll always see you. Xoxo xoxo