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When Christoph Schlein ( @christophschlein) got to this moody beach in the Azores, the first thing he noticed was the impressive rock formation – and then a lone surfer. “He was the one and only surfer despite the bad weather,” he says. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @christophschlein
A well-balanced goat in Chiba, Japan interrupted a photo shoot with Keita Morozumi ( @brgtnc) and her daughter. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @brgtnc
In the Marais District of Paris, a girl in a yellow jacket under the blossoming cherry trees caught Nicolas Jehly's ( @le.photographe.francais) eye. 🌸 “Every Saturday, I take three or four hours to go for a walk through Paris with my camera,” he says. “The idea is to rediscover my city.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @le.photographe.francais
Walking through Saõ Paulo, a loud noise drew Gabriel Silva's ( @_otherego) attention to a house on the side of the road. “There were lots of people working and tidying up inside – it was insanity,” he says. “But this dog was quiet at the window as if nothing was happening.” #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @_otherego
“They call these the windows of love,” says Ana Jiménez Remacha ( @ajremacha) of this spot in Cartagena, Colombia. #TheWeekOnInstagram Photo by @ajremacha
“Happy weekend, and don’t forget to go to the beach 🌊 ,” writes Muhammad Solihin ( @msholihinn) from Batam, Indonesia. This lovely seaside loop = our #BoomerangOfTheWeek. Add #BoomerangOfTheWeek to your next Boomerang’s caption — yours might show up here on @instagram. #Boomerang by @msholihinn
Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPgoodnight For some, the world goes to sleep at night. For others, it comes alive. This weekend, the goal is to capture both sides of that spectrum: the bright energy and the quiet rest. Here are some tips to get you started: Whether it’s calming down or speeding up, notice how the energy shifts. Document your family settling in for dinner or take a Boomerang of your friends hitting the town. Focus on light. Whether it’s the blue hue of dusk spreading over your neighborhood or a city skyline illuminated against the night sky, notice how light changes and evolves from bright to dim. Look beyond your immediate circle — how do other people react to the shift from day to night? Take a portrait of a server heading to work or a video of downtown streets emptying as office workers head home. PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPgoodnight hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. Featured photo by @2ches
“I lost my mom when I was 10, and I lost my grandma when I was 21. I realized through therapy that I had anxiety and depression. I try to humanize depression and anxiety a bit by sharing my own story,” says Vivian Nunez ( @vivnunez). She is the founder of Too Damn Young ( @2damnyoung), a community with the sole purpose of letting any grieving teenager know they are not alone. “I don’t think there’s ever a moment where you are done with grief, and I’ve always described it this way: Grief is a thing that you learn to walk alongside of, you never leave it behind. But I remember my mom and my grandma now, and I smile. Writing is a big coping mechanism for me, and it’s a counterbalance. My captions are really long and often heavy in terms of what they’re talking about, but my pictures are really pretty. They remind me how there’s still good in the world, and there are still pretty things in the world even if the day itself was a little bit heavier.” Photo of @vivnunez by @babin
It’s only been a few months since American football quarterback Deshaun Watson ( @deshaunwatson4) graduated from Clemson University, but he’s already got his eyes on the next prize: his first season in the National Football League. “Everyone wants to win Super Bowls, but in my rookie season, I would love to earn a starting position that can give me the opportunity to be Rookie of the Year,” says Deshaun. And he’s no stranger to achieving high goals; in just three years at Clemson, Deshaun led his team to win the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship — only the second in the school’s history — and was a two-time Heisman Trophy finalist for outstanding player in college football. After declaring for the NFL draft earlier this year, the day has arrived for Deshaun to find out where he’s heading next. “You can’t control what’s going to happen, so I am trying to enjoy the moment,” he says. “I’m looking forward to getting back to the routine and playing the game I love. It’s been a while since I’ve been in a locker room with a team — I definitely miss it.” Head to @deshaunwatson4 to follow him along on Draft Day. Photo by @deshaunwatson4
Sweden’s dreamy forests lay the backdrop for sisters Elin, Lovisa and Therese’s ( @sagosystrar) adventures. “We’re driven by our love for fantasy and the dream of feeling like we’re in a fairy tale,” explains Elin. “We do this because of the strong feeling we get when dressing up like this and being in nature. It’s almost like meditation and therapy.” Inspired by medieval times and fantasy movies, the sisters point out that what they do is not LARP (live action role-playing) or cosplay, it’s their own unique variety of self-expression and play. Learn more about the sisters’ fantastical scenes on our Instagram story right now. 🦄✨ Photo of @sagosystrar by Henrik Jensen
“I’m drawn to fantastical and natural elements and dark edgy humor in my characters and storylines,” says comic book maker Kaveri Gopalakrishnan ( @kaverigeewhiz), who loves drawing the magical stuff in ordinary life, things that come up when she can’t sleep at 4 a.m., and her “gharelu” (plain, introverted) witch girls. Bangalore, India-based Kaveri thinks of herself, and other freelancer friends, as part of this band of imagined female subjects, describing them as “imperfect, maybe cursing a fair amount, handling mood swings and a full-time career, secret ideas and potions that you develop when most of your day is spent with, well, yourself.” Her illustrations span topics like growing up secrets, body positivity, safe urban spaces for women and questions of privacy. Kaveri examines these themes in her own work and with Kadak Collective, a community of South Asian women who collaborate to self-publish their graphic stories and art. Photo by @kaverigeewhiz
Here are Spanish chef David Montero Miguel’s ( @ricepaella) tricks for the perfect paella: use fresh ingredients, take your time, give it a lot of love and triple sauté the tomatoes. “When I’m cooking, I feel as if my body were just another ingredient in the recipe,” says the former waiter-turned-professional chef, who is based in Valencia. “I let go and improvise with different ingredients and steps. In general, I just feel happy.” Today, David leads cooking workshops where foodies can learn new recipes and disconnect from their daily routine in the kitchen. Discover more stories from the Spanish-speaking community on @instagrames. Photo by @ricepaella