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PT...knitwear designer, indie dyer, married to mrindigosbags123, 3 kids/dogs. Ravelry: indigoamy. Youtube: Periscoping Sisters,

Nanabeck sweaters being worn with much PRIDE! Thanks @nimagineknits, we got so many compliments AND laughs when we told the story of the (traditional) Nanabeck sweater! #psrhinebeck2017 @debbysreece
Our traditional @missbabsyarns selfie! Such a sweet, incredible her! @debbysreece #psrhinebeck2017
Some sheepy/animal good-ness for you..wait for it, MUST swipe to the end for the chuckle of the day..all I can say is, "Bless his little heart" #psrhinebeck2017 @debbysreece
I know! Not fair.."trunk show" shopping with @nicole_hueloco @chileknitz and @debbysreece .. purchases in gravel driveways don't count towards haul! 🀣 #psrhinebeck2017
Places and people with which you can knit.. @chileknitz @just_tracie @debbysreece @knitty_by_nature @steelcitystitcher and @daviksta 😚😚 in a big blue mansion! #psrhinebeck2017
@emilcarv1963 made our day, got teary seeing love this woman!! 😚 #psrhinebeck2017 @debbysreece
Just chillin getting ready for our big day at the fairgrounds! #psrhinebeck2017
My new specs match my outfit for indie untangled! Love this little town! #psrhinebeck2017
When @mrindigosbags123 and I build our lake shack, I'm putting ALL THE SIGNS up in my house! #psrhinebeck2017 @debbysreece
Doing a few rows on my #comfortfadecardi while I wait for @knitty_by_nature and @steelcitystitcher to FINALLY get here to Rhinebeck.. then it's off to Indie Untangled!πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί #psrhinebeck2017 17
@debbysreece tried on my #hoodieshawlcardigan ... you got to watch her!!! LOOKS fabulous! #psrhinebeck2017
LOOK!! @chileknitz and her sweet hubby and @debbysreece eating our FIRST Rhinebeck meal at Aori Thai restaurant on Mainstreet!! Reunited with our bestie!!! #girlsgetitonwithdanny πŸ˜‚ #psrhinebeck2017
Waiting to board last leg from Philly to Albany!! RHINEBECK BOUND πŸ•ΊπŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί #comfortfadecardi going strong, split for the sleeves on last flight.. can't believe I just cast this on Monday night!😲 #PSrhinebeck2017
Rhinebeck trek has begun! 3 am..left house, at the airport, checked in! If you get sick of all the posts, blame the knitting Nana @nimagineknits ... she told me to! πŸ˜‚ pray for NO medical emergencies on the flight this time! @debbysreece see you soon sis!! πŸ˜€
Urgent care knitting with Skye..2 weeks ago, strep and sinus infection..are we going for that again? 🀀 #comfortfadecardi #indigocolorco
If you love sparkle, this one's for You! Check out @lorriannhelberg shop on Etsy for all the details! #loveadvent
Here is Cougar Bait and Sex in the Driveway (month 1 and 2 for 2017)..if you like what you see, there is ONE LEFT for 2018 (Jan, Feb and March) #indigocolorco #lifeistooshortnottolaugh
Dyed yarn today for my #comfortfadecardi by @dreareneeknits .. maybe will be my EYF sweater?! πŸ’— #indigocolorco