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Honored to be the husband of @adriennebailon 11/11

πŸ“– β™₯ πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ Moving Forward I’m often asked, β€œwhat is your favorite song you’ve written”? My answer is, I don’t have a favorite. But this song seems to be a lot of other people’s favorite. I will say this song has a special renewable quality to it. I never get tired of singing it. Ever. Perhaps it’s what it says. You Make All Things New. This song ends up feeling new every time. Moving Forward was written in a couple different locations. Once again, started by @ricardomusic . The year was 2007. We were in a studio in Houston working on a record I was producing for him, & as we were putting the finishing touches on his project, he tells me β€œfor the next project I have a concept for a song I think...” & he begins to sing β€˜I’m not going back, I’m moving ahead....’ I loved it. But it ended up being several months before we revisited it. Then one evening we were in his kitchen in Atlanta & I asked him to refresh my memory on that chorus he had shown me. He did & I immediately began singing β€˜ You. Make. All things new...’ & before we knew it we had a special song. I’m pretty sure he cried. Ha. He went on to record it for his record, & with @bishophez . I recorded it in 2008 on the Power of One album. Truth is, for the last few years, I am literally living this song. Every line. God is proving Himself every single day to me, & walking closely with me & my family. Forward. No longer looking back in regret & shame but eyes forward at all times. May I encourage you to let Him lead you the same way today. If anyone be in Christ they ARE a new creation. Old things are passed away & behold ALL things are made new. Moving... Moving... f o r w a r d #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #MovingForward #Week9 Link in Bio 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ From His heart, to mine. Through my pen & back to Him... Music link in bio 🎢 #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #MovingForward #Week9
11 months ago today I married this woman. @adriennebailon - easily the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. My heart is full. My soul is grateful. My spirit is alive. Thank you Baby for loving me as close to unconditionally any human could, you are life to me. I thank God for you daily. I am poised and ready for the next 1111 years with you! #HappilyEverHoughton #1111
πŸ“– β™₯ πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ I was sitting in the first group retreat that NewBreed ever did in 2002. We were in a small hotel suite & we were being walked through an exercise of God’s promises. Leo Tyler the gentleman leading us gave us a list of promises & told us to circle the one that impacted us the most. Among the many great promises listed was this : I Am A Friend of God. I remember circling it because I was first intrigued more than impacted. When he asked us what we circled, I said β€œ I am a fr...” & just broke down into tears before I could get the words out. That began a beautiful journey of discovering who God really is. He truly loves us in spite of our failures, shortcomings, & disappointments. Something about the word β€˜FRIEND’ is very evocative - because we expect Him to treat friendship disposable like others have. But He is like no other! John 15:15 is helpful in finding this understanding. So this concept became my focus to write. For months I tried chasing it & nothing came together. Then one day in Jan, 2003, @gungormusic & I were writing for one of his first records I was producing & he started playing 3 simple chords & I said β€œI wonder if this will work”’while singing I am friend of God 3 times & he answered as if on cue β€œHe calls me friend” to which the tears flowed again. Within minutes the song was written & complete. The next night I introduced this song cold at @lakewoodchurch. I simply told the band β€œhey guys were in the key of E β€œ & what happened was something I’ll never forget. People clapping, lifting hands, jumping, weeping, smiling all at once on an uptempo song!!! Never seen anything like that before or since. Do you know you are? You are a friend of God, not because you call Him your friend but because He calls you His! #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #FriendOfGod #Week8 Link in Bio 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ From His heart, to mine. Through my pen & back to Him... Music link in bio 🎢 #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #FriendOfGod #Week8
In the studio with @thewallsgroup - working on something very special. Stay tuned.... 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ I was originally asked to write a conscious song for a major mainstream artist who will go unnamed, and I called my go to friend for writing @ricardomusic to help me. I told him all I had was a concept called The Power of One. I remember him saying "stand up or sit down" and I knew we were on to something great. A very short time later this question emerged, "what if it all depended on me to change the world?" I had been studying Amos 5 (a must read in the MSG version) and Isaiah 58:10 (NIV) in finding the connection between worship and social justice, so this song literally spilled out faster than we could keep up with it. Granted, as is our custom we took time to really labor over the lyric. After all it was for a mainstream artist. Well... Needless to say we never sent the song to her, and I ended up recording it later that year as the title track to The Power of One LP. Glad I did. Ask yourself, what can I do? What if it all depended on me to start a love revolution today and change the world? What would you do...? Start there... we need you. Consider praying for & giving to Puerto Rico. Mexico, USVI, Las Vegas Do something... In Jesus Name. #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #PowerOfOne #Week7 Link in Bio 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ From His heart, to mine Through my pen & back to Him... Music link in bio 🎢 #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #PowerOfOne #Week7 #PrayForPuertoRico #PrayForTheWorld
Hey World my sister Amber and her husband just had their first baby #AvaJames she's already so fabulous! #WelcomePrincessAva
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ Breathe INTO ME I've always had a slight aversion to the way we use certain words. Words like Awesome for instance. That slight frustration caused me to write this song. The idea of only Jesus is breathtaking. Pizza and The Steelers are not awesome - Jesus is. But in writing "only You take my breath away" I realized it would be appropriate to ask Him to breathe into me once He has taken my breath away. Though a simple song, this has been a go to for me in my quiet time and private worship moments. I opened most nights of worship with this song between 2005-2009. When we realize How awesome HE is - it truly causes us to lose our breath in beholding His goodness and faithfulness. Sing along with me. Ask Him to take your breath away and breathe new life back into You. Breathe in and be blessed. #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #YourPresenceIsHeaven #Week6 Link in Bio 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ From His heart, to mine. Through my pen & back to Him... Music link in bio 🎢 #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #BreatheIntoMe #Week6
Big thanks to @iamwillcastro & #TeamUnique for getting @sonnyhoughton2 his Unique Special Edition Jeep on his #Golden16 B-Day make sure to check #UniqueRides coming soon only @velocity
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ Your Presence is Heaven All songwriters get asked often "what is your favorite song"? Truth is I don't really have a favorite but this particular song tends to be one that I really enjoy singing. I love the profound simplicity in the chorus. That chorus actually started out as a pre chorus, when @micahmassey presented that idea and continued into what he considered a chorus I stopped him & said "that IS the chorus" it's powerful!!! So we took that opportunity to write an equally simple bridge & put the labor into the lyric of the verses. 'In my weakness You are merciful. Redeemer of my past and present wrongs. Holder of my future days to come' stand out as some of my favorite lines. 'Jesus You're the cup that won't run dry' is one of the strongest lyrics that always seem to have a ripple effect attached to it in just about any worship experience we've sung it in. We wrote this song the day before my 40th birthday & I ended up leading at @lakewoodchurch that next night, & spontaneously decided to teach & lead it that night & it ended up being an extremely memorable & powerful moment of worship. I pray today that it speak to you as well, & lead you to His heavenly presence. #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #YourPresenceIsHeaven #Week5 Link in Bio 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ From His heart, to mine. Through my pen & back to Him... Music link in bio 🎢 #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #YourPresenceIsHeaven #Week5
Please help me say Happy Birthday to the one & only @sonnyhoughton2 it's his 16th bday on the the 16th day which makes this his #GoldenBirthday !!!! Sonny I love you so much and I am so proud of the young man you are, and who you are becoming daily. You amaze me with your kindness, humor, wit, gratitude, graciousness, talent & friendship. We celebrate you today. Full On! #Sonks16
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ Over the years, songs I've written by myself have rarely been heard. There's been just a handful of those. I really would rather collaborate with other writers. But this is one of the special few that I was able to write alone, and in a very short amount of time. The year was 2002 , I had been playing the musical riff for a couple weeks and it just felt like a hymn or something classic like my late mentor and legend #AndraeCrouch or #2ndChapterOfActs but I didn't have words, just the melody and the changes. I remember walking into a studio in Nashville and sitting down at a beautiful Yamaha grand piano and literally out poured the lyrics and the melody together as if they'd been sitting there waiting for me to join them... God is so good to meet us when we come aside and make time for Him. This is one of the songs I play in private moments of worship and I'm always transported somewhere beautiful in His presence. I pray you are as well. MAGNIFICENT & HOLY #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #MagnificentAndHoly #Week4 Link in Bio 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ From His heart, to mine. Through my pen & back to Him... Music link in bio 🎢 #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #MagnificentAndHoly #Week4
Be lifted higher in Hawaii.
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ HOSANNA My dear friend @sidneymohede came to a conference I used to host in Houston called Deeper in 2009 and sang the simple chorus of this song and essentially wrecked us all for nearly an hour of worship with 10 words! I knew instantly that I wanted to record it. I just happened to be in his hometown of Jakarta Indonesia a couple months later and we attempted to write another section to the song (another 5 words!!!) and for some reason nothing came... so I resigned to leave it as it was because it was so powerful. As I lifted off to head back home I started hearing the overwhelming melody in my head that is now the bridge to the song. Jesus You be lifted higher, higher... I'm so grateful for the powerful simplicity of this song. When we recorded it at the famed Abbey Road studios in London, and added the London Session Orchestra and an amazing boys choir, tears just poured out of my eyes at the beauty of it all. It's since been sung all over the world, most memorably for me in Paris as my wife @adriennebailon walked down the aisle as @ravauaghnbrown sang it live and I once again cried- Let our King be Lifted Up in all of our lives today... Hosanna in the highest. #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #Hosanna #Week3 Music link in bio 🎢
πŸ“–β™₯πŸ–‹πŸ“ƒ From His heart, to mine. Through my pen & back to Him... Music link in bio 🎢 #WorshipWednesday #WorshipWriter #WorshipWins #Hosanna #Week3 With... @luciaparker