Ian Harding.

Ian Harding. @ianmharding


These are a few of the many wonderful folks I met this evening at the #walktoendlupusnow . Thank you for showing up, walking tall and kicking ass. I remember my first walk, five years ago, where all we had were a few tents and a handful of people. Take a look at the last photo though, and you'll see things have changed. Many thanks and much love. @lupusorg
Congrats to this powerhouse, Troian Bellisario. On Saturday I was lucky enough to present her with the Television Industry Advocacy Award for her support of the National Eating Disorder Association as well as her wonderful film "Feed" which she wrote, produced and starred in. Many thanks to the Creative Coalition for having me! Styled by Karen Raphael (you're the best, always) @karenraphael and @strongsuitclothing
Hey folks: this is a great organization to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Every cent counts. Keep your chin up Texas. #hurricaneharvey
I'm saddened by the tragedy in my home state of Virginia, yet I'm tremendously proud of the many people, from all walks of life, who came to support love and progress and denounce idiocy and bigotry. #charlottesville
Very excited to be joining the guy who may or may not be my long lost cousin @huwcollins and the rest of the awesome lineup for Revelations Endgame UK AND Germany!!! Come and see us on Feb 10/11 in Manchester and Feb 17/18 in Düsseldorf! 🇬🇧🇩🇪We'll wear matching shirts just like in this photo!!!!
Happy 48th Birthday Keegan! To commemorate the day you were spawned, here's a photo of us that we swore we would never put on the internet. Can't wait to celebrate with you in the magical land of mountains and rivers and trees. #happybirthday #shame #spraytan #pillows #regram #48yearsold #not28
Morning run! Or maybe not! #sierranevada #yaywater
California stop being so beautiful. #sierranevada #basicsunsetpic #mothernatureyousopretty
This video needs no caption.... Except maybe that I'll be hopping on @bidchat at 5pm PST today! And the shirt I'm wearing is for sale and it helps raise money for a marvelous non-profit called @frailtymyths ! See you soon!
To help commemorate the end of era, I'm releasing these limited edition shirts through @bidchat. The proceeds will be given to @frailtymyths, an organization created to empower women from all walks of life. The phrase "Nice try" is the answer to all of the things that keep you from feeling empowered, whether that thing is an archaic belief about gender, or a criminal mastermind that has plagued you and your friends for years and seeks to ruin your potential marriage to a former English teacher/barista... link in bio
This picture was taken in between takes of the noir episode and pretty much sums up how I want to remember my experience on PLL: looking classy while having the most hilarious time of my life. Thank you to all who have made the show what it is. I'm forever grateful. Enjoy tonight! #pll
Another one from the archives. This is the result of Ezra's "bravery on the rooftop" #pll
Another pic from the pilot. Troian, Torrey, Julian and myself all went to Sushi one night and this is the photo I managed to grab in between sips of sake and bites Julian's favorite: Uni rolls. #pll
This is the actual bar in Vancouver where we shot the infamous "Aria meets Ezra" scene. I snapped this with a disposable camera because I couldn't afford a phone with a camera. Also, Lucy is noticeably absent in all of these because I didn't want to look like an amateur and ask for a picture of the two of us. #pll
HAPPY PLL FINALE! I'll be chatting with everyone on Bidchat tonight, 4pm PST 7pm EST to raise funds for @frailtymyths Would love to see you there.