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Snapchat: iamjamiefoxx Facebook.com/jamiefoxx Twitter: @iamjamiefoxx My movie "All Star Weekend" in the works....

@keith.jefferson is One of my dearest friends… Who happens to be one of the most incredible actors in theater and television and film... we went to college together and he also is going to appear in my New movie #allstarweekendthemovie please go check him out if you're in Chicago or in the Chicago area…
Vegas never disappoints and neither does fight night...had a great time with @chivasregal_us #FightForIt #ad"
In Vegas and we already celebrating cause it's fight night @ChivasRegal_US #fightforit #ad
Running into the weekend like... had a great week... time to reboot refresh ... hope u can do the same.... #allstarweekendthemovie #backonmyfunnyshit #standupcomedy #daddydaughtertime
About last night.... #davechappelle was amazing at the diamond ball... absolutely a walking legend.... I got the bug now! On my way!! #backonmyfunnyshit #standupcomedy
When you're excited about the final episode of the season #beatshazam tonight don't miss it 8:00 PM Eastern on Fox!!! #backonmyfunnyshit #foxxonfox 2nd season coming
Sooo proud of my little one all grown up.. taking fashion week in New York by storm... @corinnefoxx you are simply beautiful... inside and out #daddydaughtertime
This is a letter that myself and my partners wrote today September 13, 2017 To Our Fellow Brothers and Sisters Impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma: As the news and images of the hurricanes that devastated your communities continue to reach us, we at Privé Revaux are determined to make a difference. All of us have in one way or another been impacted by Mother Nature at some point in time and to not stand side by side with you at this time, is not an option for us. Our company was founded on the premise that luxury items can and should be affordable for everyone, as our tagline boldly proclaims "everyone can be anyone". With that belief comes the conviction that in times of need, it is our duty and responsibility to step up in a major way to ensure essentials are available to everyone. Over the next few weeks, we, the partners of Privé Revaux, will be delivering $2.6m dollars of clothing (over 25,000 brand new high quality items) and essentials to those in need through the JJ Watt Foundation in Houston and through various partnering organizations in Southern Florida. All clothing will be brand new and of the highest quality. We are proud that we've been able to provide one of the single largest private donations to victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. We will be posting more information on where those in need can inquire to procure items at PriveRevaux.com/HarveyandIrmaRelief As a company only 90 days old, we know that a strong showing from us would undoubtedly inspire other more established companies to also lend a hand. We challenge all who are in a position of 'have' to stand with us proudly and publicly and give to those who today are in a position of 'need', for "There, but for the grace of God, go I." We love you. -Jamie Foxx, Hailee Steinfeld, Jeremy Piven, Ashley Benson, Dave Osokow, Rob Zangardi, Mariel Haenn and David Schottenstein
Last night was a huge success at the #handinhand Hurricane relief event...big shout to my good friend @leonardodicaprio ... A person who I know is always aware and ready to help in times of need… we have a long way to go as far as rebuilding every area that was affected by these violent hurricanes…you can still give. Text "GIVE" 80077 to donate
Hand in hand a benifit for Hurricane relief! Please text "Give" to 80077 @handinhandfund let's come together and help! With my bros @daveophilly @michaelstrahan @leonardodicaprio and my incredible daughter @corinnefoxx tune in and donate #handinhand #family #love #donate #usa
Huge congratulations to @sloanestephens for her outstanding win... at the 2017 US open!!! @iamalexavant you called this way back!!!
My daughter and I trying to help all the great people of Texas. They need our support. Get this limited charity edition tee with 100% of the proceeds supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Get yours at represent.com/harveyrelief (link to buy in my bio)
Proud to introduce a new @priverevaux frame... "The goat". Only $29.95. The Icon Collection hits 11/1/2017 Get ready. #flyandaffordable #reframeyourself #priverevaux #mysexylook
CLEVELAND A. SMITH riding into the weekend like....Here's another 🔥🔥 clip from behind the scenes! On my new independent comedy film... "ALL STAR WEEKEND the movie! The movie is about two guys… One guy loves Steph Curry the other one loves LeBron James and all they're trying to do is get to the All-Star game! It's my directorial debut… I can't wait for you to see this!!!… Coming out next year! #backonmyfunnyshit #allstarweekendthemovie
We're so excited about the response of our affordable eyewear....we have created brand new styles for all of you available soon....and the only thing that has gone up is the quality… The price remains the same… $29.95 or less @priverevaux #priverevaux #flyandaffordable #mysexylook amazon.com
#IAmTexasStrong! Born and raised! Let's support the great state of Texas. I designed this limited charity edition tee with 100% of the proceeds supporting Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Get yours at represent.com/harveyrelief (link to buy in my bio)
Thank u to everyone doing what they can to help Texas. Being from Texas myself I have a deep love for my home. @evalongoria is also a fellow Texan who has a deep bond with the lone star state.... please help any way you can... #texasstrong