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Man on mission - to live the best life possible come what may.

Things we do when the camera's rolling and things we do when it isn't. #HRX-MiBandshoot #BTS #allswellthatendswell
Meet the awesome gang of girls who've created the exquisite experience that is The Charcoal Project. Keep flying higher ladies! #itsawalkinwonderland
Garlic chicken pesto, molten chocolate and calzones. Hopefully three things they'll never pester me to get again since now they know how to make it. #cookingclassescalmcantankerouskids #sundaywellspent
The quest for the perfect pic demands many trials. My kids aren't amused. PS: Shoutout to Vicky and his amazing boys Vihaan and Yuvaan. #boysnightout #dadcanwestopclickingpicsnow #wearehungry
Tonight at 10 PM on Fox life HD! #Repost @foxlife_india ( @get_repost) ・・・ Design HQ – coming soon on FOX Life! @ashieshshah @hrithikroshan
140 feet below the snow clad slopes of Whistler Mountain, 3 intrepid explorers set out to explore a world unlike any they've ever witnessed. Here's their tale. #itsascoolasImadeitsound #icecavesaremagic
To my dear sisters, a brothers solemn promise to always be there for you even when you don't miss us :) cause we love you too much ❤️Happy Rakshabandhan to all.
Me: I'm already barely wearing anything. Please no more. Style Gods: You're overdressed! We need more! Or rather, less. Me: But- Style Gods: LESS! Me: ....... Fine. #thefaceofresignation #whycantIwearclothes #itgetscolddude
'Dad, do you want to build a snowman?' 'Sure!' 3 hours, countless abandoned efforts and 7 escalating snowball fights later.... 'It doesn't have to be a snowman.' 'Sit back down. We're going to make it one way or the other.' #isntheacutelittleguy #snowmenaretricky #sorryOlaf
There's greater joy in unbridled laughter with these guys than the best shot I've ever given. You can't be the best if you don't give your best to everything you do.
Ridz: Is it supposed to do that? Ray: No dude, you broke it. Ridz: Should we tell dad? Ray: No way. We need to hide this. Ridz: He's going to see! Ray: Nah, we'll go tell him we are hungry. Ridz: But he's going to see! Ray: Arey we'll talk about food. He's not going to see anything else. #Machievellisinthemaking #foodismyblindspot
The biggest fashion sale is on from June 24-26! #NothingsBigger #Myntra #HRX
It's truly been an incredible journey. One that has spanned 11 years and still promising more. #11yearsofKrrish thank you all for the love!
I asked them for a heroic pose. I'm not entirely sure what they had in mind. #acrobaticadventures #balanceiseverything
According to them, anything can be a trampoline if you try hard enough. #aleapoffaith #tryingnottofreakout #acrobaticadventures
Him: '....and don't worry dad's totally cool with it. He said so.' Me: What. #deerinheadlights #becarefulwhatyouagreeto
Preparation is half the battle won. Willpower will take care of the rest. #KeepGoing #HRX #MondayMotivation