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Man on mission - to live the best life possible come what may.

I asked them for a heroic pose. I'm not entirely sure what they had in mind. #acrobaticadventures #balanceiseverything
According to them, anything can be a trampoline if you try hard enough. #aleapoffaith #tryingnottofreakout #acrobaticadventures
Him: '....and don't worry dad's totally cool with it. He said so.' Me: What. #deerinheadlights #becarefulwhatyouagreeto
Preparation is half the battle won. Willpower will take care of the rest. #KeepGoing #HRX #MondayMotivation
It's not working. You can't do it. It can't be done. Stop it, you're just hurting yourself. Some days, this is all that you will hear. What do you do on those days? Simple, just #KeepGoing. Video link in profile!
The path to success is filled with barricades, dead ends and locked gates. How do you #KeepGoing?
April end, see you all in Durban! Let's make it a spectacular evening! #timetomoveitmoveit
When in doubt, always go with black. PC: @colstonjulian #tophatsarentonlyformagicians #stylingcheatcode
Coming to CULT centres in Bengaluru on 10th n 11th March for the HRX workout launch. Get ready to train my way. See you there! @hrxbrand
Champions twice in a row! Proving once and for all that it doesn't matter if the world says you can't, as long as you say you can. Let's hear it for the Champions of the Blind T20 World Cup!
There's a reason dubbing is done in small dark rooms in total privacy. #thatshowitsdone #dubbing101
Thank You Kaabil team for making my idea happen!!! #celebrateKaabil
The #kaabil team on our way to you Kochi !! Kerala are u ready- see you guys at Lulu Mall!
Rohan Bhatnagar with the Master Blaster- Sachin Tendulkar. Thank you for your wishes for #Kaabil.
Kaun Shahenshah, kaun Sultan. At the end of it, we are all brothers. Me and Yami had an absolute blast on the sets with the one and only Salman Khan! #BiggBoss #dontjudgetheselfiestick
Today let us remind ourselves that "WE THE PEOPLE" means that power is ultimately rested in hands of the common man. You and me. "SOVEREIGN" means - No external power can dictate us. "SOCIALIST" means let's achieve goals through evolutionary and non-violent means. SECULAR means WE respect all religions.DEMOCRATIC means WE vote without any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed OR colour. LIBERTY means Freedom of thought n expression. EQUALITY means All are equal in front of law. Regardless of status or power. FRATERNITY means a feeling of brotherhood & a sense of belonging among people.... HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all my brothers n sisters. Let's be our best and give our best to our country. show each other we belong to each other. Jai hind!
The moment of reckoning is almost here. I have done my part, now it's up to you. Advance booking for #Kaabil begins. Link in bio.
Who you are inside defines what you do. I love my #Kaabil team.
In that world of wrongs, the only right answer for him was vengeance.