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“To be more childlike, you don't have to give up being an adult. The fully integrated person is capable of being both an adult and a child simultaneously. Recapture the childlike feelings of wide-eyed excitement, spontaneous appreciation, cutting loose, and being full of awe and wonder at this magnificent universe.” This was a spontaneous session from last week with @jake.vaupel and it was just one of those days where everything we practiced was random and so much joy, we basically just laughed the whole time. First I lead him through a back decompression sequence on the yoga trapeze, then we practiced acro yoga and for some reason landed on hoop balancing out of nowhere. Hoop balancing is something I don’t practice enough, but when we were practicing, it just clicked. (I also think a thicker/bigger hoop would be easier to learn on but ya) I was able to get actual balance time! Practicing next to Jake is my most comfortable, happiest place. I’m so happy we get to share this passion together. ☺️ Where is your happiest/most comfortable place? I’d love to hear! Opal hoop: @sacredflowhoops Shorts: @uriahclearlight Mat: @spiritualrevolutionyoga
I herd yew lyk 🌻🌻🌻 I know I do! 📸 @ethridgephoto Outfit: @thefairiespyjamas Use HOOPYOGI at checkout for 20% off! ✌️
#flexibilitybasics day 17!!! Today’s pose is Straddle splits or you can take a Standing Wide Forward Bend. You can start standing with your legs wide. Slowly spread them wider and wider apart, bringing your hands to the ground to help guide you down. You don’t want your butt to touch the ground at all. You are aiming to bring your pelvic area down the the ground. Try to straighten out your legs and bring your toes to the sky, allowing yourself to come up on your heels and continue sliding as far down as you can possibly go. Listen to your body, don’t push too hard. I have to confess, this pose is one of my weaknesses. I can get it flat a lot of the time, but if I stop practicing it for any amount of time, it just goes away. My body felt like it was going to break because my whole body hurts from being sick so I thought I better not push it. Check in with @libernans for more! Hosts: @hoopyogi @libernans Sponsors: @uriahclearlight (shorts pictured) @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura Remember you follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes!
🐼🐼🐼 I’m still sick, may have even gotten worse. Looks like it’s a day of anime on my couch. Let’s focus on something positive!! What was your favorite moment this Summer? 🌸 Let me know in the comments! Some of my favorite moments were discovering new places around our area and performing at #mainstreetcarnival multiple times! All with @jake.vaupel by my side. 😍❤️ #summervibes #mysweetsummerisgone #summerlovin
#pandasthathoop #hooppandas #pandasunite Nothing to see here... This was so hard! This is like hooping blindfolded but your head is also like 3 times it’s normal size. The panda head has eyes but you really can’t see much out of them and it’s all really dark. Plus, I’m still sick! So I got a kick out of what I looked like lazy hooping around with the panda head. ✌️ I’m using this as my #stopdropandspin for @meagatr0n @ur_friend_goldielocks & @psyfr Passing the flow to @voctorious & @purrflow ❤️ I’m addicted to this opal 11/16 hoop from @sacredflowhoops Get your own with code HOOPYOGI15! It’ll save you 💰 💰 💰
#flexibilitybasics day 16!! Today’s pose is Side Lunge! I’m still sick! 😫 I decided to take a low variation that is sort of a twist between Malasana and side lunge! It felt great to just rock back and forth for a few of these, nothing too strenuous! Start standing with your feet wider than hips distance apart. Start to bend one knee and bring your body to that side to squat down. Keep your other leg straight. You can stay high or bring it low like I did! If you stay high, keep your feet facing forwards and your feet flat on the ground. If you bring it low, you can come onto the toes of your bent leg and the heel of your straight leg. You can use your hands to really lean into that bent leg if you’re low like this and really feel the stretch in toe straightened leg/groin area. Use your hands to help you walk yourself over to the other side if you’re low. If you’re taking the standard high variation, your hands won’t touch the ground. Just squat to one side, stand up, squat to the other side, stand up, repeat. Check in with @libernans for her post! Hosts: @hoopyogi @libernans Sponsors: @uriahclearlight (shorts pictured) @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura Don’t forget to follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes! ❤️
Sup yo!? Sick panda here. 😷🐼 I need new music!!!!! 😱😱😱 I’ve been in a music rut (with flow and such) for a while and I wanna know who YOU’RE favorite artists to flow to are! Let me know in the comments! I’m into rap, edm, alternative (including everything from screamo to Indy), pop, contemporary, some classical, and much more! I wasn’t able to do much today but I did manage to get outside for a good 10 minutes and get a tiny bit of panda stretching/lazy hoop shenanigans in. (pandnanigans? 🐼) Hope you are all doing well and staying away from this sickness! ❤️ Panda bestie: @the.bendy.brat 😘 Mat: @spiritualrevolutionyoga Shorts: @uriahclearlight
These are my people. 🌻🌻🌻 Cheesin' out with the sunflowers. Every part of me wants to hate this picture because I hate my smile and I'm smiling pretty hardcore here but I feel the positivity, energy and happiness radiating from this picture. So I'm going out on a limb and posting it. ❤️❤️❤️ 📸 @ethridgephoto Outfit: @thefairiespyjamas
#flexibilitybasics day 15!!! Today's pose is a Wide Angle Seated Forward Bend/Fold or Upavistha Konasana. Sit down on your butt and bring your legs apart as far as you cans to create a wide angle. Your legs should be equal distance apart from your body. Keep your legs straight and try to keep your feet up to the sky. Place your hands out on the ground in front and walk your hands like spiders as far as they can go and then walk them back in. Now, raise your hands to the sky and elongate your back. Hinge at the waist to try to bring your stomach and chest to the ground. Try not to let your back round! Keep yourself nice and flat! Check in with @libernans for more! Hosts: @hoopyogi @libernans Sponsors: (leggings pictured) @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @lady.manipura @alihoopmama Remember to follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes! ❤️
You ever get that feeling when you can't hoop for a few days and you come back to it and it's even better than before? My body feels a tiny bit better today. I wish the sinus pressure would go away a bit more and my throats would stop being sooo scratchy, but at least I managed to get a tiny bit (about 10 minutes before I was coughing and breathing so hard, I almost couldn't catch my breathe) of hula hoop time in. ❤️ #stopdropandspin for @thegirlwiththehoops and @healthyandblessed I was inspired by @warpedcircles on that first trick (even though I need to clean it up way more) so I'm passing the flow to her and @vibrant.abyss ✌️ Hoop: @sacredflowhoops (ask me for a discount code!) Leggings:
#flexibilitybasics day 14!! Today's pose is Garland pose or Malasana. Sorry for my late posts! I have been really sick. I'm still recovering but I couldn't sit on the couch for any longer when I knew I had poses to do! Sweat out the sickness right?! 😂 Start standing with your feet slightly wider than hips distance apart. Your feet can be turned out. Bend your knees to squat down until your butt is just above the ground. Keep your legs engaged and your chest raised. Bring your hands to a prayer pose so that your elbows come in front of your knees, pushing your knees out and back for a deeper stretch. For a variation: try a bind around one leg! Then do the other side! Check in with @libernans for a more beginner friendly suggestion! Hosts: @hoopyogi @libernans Sponsors: (leggings pictured) @knottygirlthreads @uriahclearlight @alihoopmama @lady.manipura Remember to follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes! ❤️
🌻🌻🌻 I never get tired of looking at sunflowers. ☺️ 📸 @ethridgephoto Outfit: @thefairiespyjamas
I'm sick. 🤧😷🤒 I can't stand being sick. I want to practice and play so much but I'm stuck here on my couch being miserable. "Taking it easy" isn't in my vocabulary. This is from 2 days ago after waking up, going to the DMV, having to take the written test to get my license renewed (which made me extremely nervous for no reason) and then hiking miles and miles out into the forest and rushing back to this lake 15 minutes before the park closed to get a little bit of footage. This isn't anything great but playing with fast flow for the 10 minutes I managed to get. Using this as my #stopdropandspin for @thehoophealer and @breflows_ so I don't fall behind. Passing the flow to @missmadabouthoops and @spunflowerr_ ✌️
#flexibilitybasics day 13!!! Lord of the Dance pose/dancer or Natarajasana. I was dreading it, but it's happening. I believe I'm getting the super bad upper respiratory infection that's going around. I'm crossing my fingers it's just allergies and I've taken some emergen-c and I'm going to get some Claritin tomorrow. For today, here is a few month old picture of today's pose! I'm super sorry everyone! Trying to feel better as fast as physically possible! 😨 Im showing you a more advanced flip grip. Start standing. Press into one leg, keeping it straight and Lift one foot behind you off the ground with your leg bent. Grab your foot or ankle with your same side hand and pull up gently. Hand your foot off to your opposite side hand (for this variation) with your arm in front of your chest or over your shoulder. Let go with your original hand and pull your arm over your head with your foot still in hand to come into a flip grip. Once there, reach your free hand up over your shoulder and grab your foot or ankle with the same flipped grip. Keep your chest lifted. Pull upwards towards the sky with you hands and foot. For a added challenge, look up at your foot. Keep your standing leg strong and stable and breathe. If you aren't very flexible, it may be best not to attempt a flipped grip until you are ready. Don't push yourself and listen to your body! Check in with @libernans for a more beginner friendly variation! Hosts: @hoopyogi @libernans Sponsors: @uriahclearlight @knottygirlthreads @alihoopmama @lady.manipura Remember to follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes! ❤️
"Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." 🌻🌻🌻 The world is amazing. We often take what we have for granted. We forget how much our Earth provides for us. Stop and take some time to get out and discover what nature has to offer you. Let it rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Breathe the air that has the exact right chemical to keep us alive every single day. Appreciate your Earth and smile. 🌎😌❤️ The last couple days, @jake.vaupel and I have ventured out to our favorite forest preserves in the immediate area (like we do almost every day) with the intention to practice in the same spots we are used to. Instead, we have found ourselves walking miles of trails that get so dense with trees, only one person can be in front at a time, playing in creeks we didn't know were there, reading about and scavenger hunting for different plant and bird life in the area, crawling through tunnels in bushes to find giant open spaces in the middle of groves, walking alongside rolling planes and beautiful Autumn tree lines, found crystal clear lakes and watched fish swim around for hours and so much more! 📸 @ethridgephoto Outfit: @thefairiespyjamas Shorts: @uriahclearlight
#flexibilitybasics day 12!!!! Sorry for my late post! Had to work late last night and I'm really trying not to get the sickness that's been going around! 😨😨😨 Today's pose is Wheel pose or Chakrasana! My first picture is a variation! Swipe to see more variations and normal wheel pose! Start laying on your back and bend your legs, bringing your feet as close to your sitting bones as you can get them. Place your hands palm down right above your shoulders with your fingers pointing towards your feet. You can even tuck your fingers a bit under your shoulders if you'd like. Simultaneously push into your palms and soles of your feet, engaging your arms and legs to push your body off the ground to get a nice back arch. Try to bring your shoulders over your hands. Pretend like you have a block (or use a real block) between your knees, keep them squeezing in towards each other. Breathe in this pose. Variations: with a flat foot or you can come up onto your toes, lift one leg to the sky bent and try to straighten it out if you want a super flexy stretch. Do the other leg to even things out. If you're back is already decently flexible, you can lower down one arm at a time to your forearms! If you still feel comfortable, try scooting your feet back towards your hands. :) Check in with @libernans for more! Hosts: @hoopyogi @libernans Sponsors: @uriahclearlight (shorts pictured) @knottygirlthreads (top pictured) @lady.manipura @alihoopmama Remember to follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes! ❤️
Hula hoops make me happy. 😁😁😁 Rarely does a photographer capture a genuine smile of mine. One where I am truly happy in the moment and not just forcing myself to laugh because I feel uncomfortable. It always ends up looking bad. @ethridgephoto is one of those people I instantly feel comfortable with, pretty much every time. He managed to get multiple photos of me smiling and for the first time in a really long time, I love the photos. He is such a pleasure to work with! Definitely give his work a look! It also helps that I feel extremely confident in my @thefairiespyjamas attire. It fits like a glove and it moves with my body. I think all her products are very flattering and you'd be silly not to love them! ❤️ Over all, I'm so excited it all came together to do this last minute photo shoot! ❤️❤️❤️
It started pouring right when I started getting hoop footage. ☔️☔️☔️ Here are two small clips I did manage to get before I ran around getting everything picked up and out of the rain. #stopdropandspin for @chronicwomp & @mollaayyhoops passing the flow to @mallycatflows & @featherlillie ⭐️ Hula hoop: @sacredflowhoops Get your own with code "HOOPYOGI15"!
#flexibilitybasics day 11!!! Today's pose is Bridge pose or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. Start laying on your mat with your knees bent so that your feet are as close to under them as possible. Your feet should only be a small distance apart. You can even put a block between your feet and knees to help you in this pose! Place your hands by your sides palms down or up, it's up to you. Press into your feet and your arms to lift your butt off the ground. Squeeze those knees together and really lift your pelvic bone to the sky. From here, you can "walk" your shoulders under your and clasp your hands. Try lifting a bent leg and straightening it if you feel comfortable. Do both legs if you do one! Check in with @libernans for more! Hosts: @hoopyogi @libernans Sponsors: @uriahclearlight (shorts pictured) @knottygirlthreads (top pictures) @alihoopmama @lady.manipura Remember to follow all the rules to be eligible for prizes!
A wild tutorial appeared! What are you going to do? Run or take on the battle? It's #tutorialtuesday somewhere right? I'm calling this a Fakeout Toss to Foot Hooping Combo. I'm bad at making names. If you have something better, let me know in the comments! I broke down this combo even more in my live video from today so you can watch that if you're still having trouble! Tag me in your posts if you try it out! I would love to see your variations on it as well! ❤️ Thanks for watching! Let me know if it was helpful at all and if you have any ideas for future tutorials! Happy hooping! ❤️ Hoop: @sacredflowhoops (HOOPYOGI15) Pocket belt: @thefairiespyjamas (HOOPYOGI)