Lola @holylolee

5.25.17 #photoaday
5.24.17 #photoaday Delayed on my way to the gym this morning by a goose crossing! I'm not gonna lie, I was delighted.
5.23.17 #photoaday Somehow I've ended up here twice in the past week.
5.22.17 #photoaday Doodles.
5.21.17 #photoaday Where you been all my life? @dvsndvsn #withyou #onrepeat #ruiningit #dontcare
5.20.17 #photoaday Are you lost, little duck? I honestly have no idea how this happened as my whole yard was fenced off. Ducks can fly right? Louie has been having the worst day ever, he keeps trying to go out and then getting all wet. Now I'm wondering if he just wanted to make friends. And ps, why does this keep happening to me? #myyardisawildlifemagnet
5.19.17 #photoaday All that rain is good for something!
5.18.17 #photoaday For my Grama on her 99th birthday.
5.17.17 #photoaday I wasn't necessarily in the market for a full jewelry box, though I have been laying out my displaced jewels in the past couple of days. When I moved, I finally got rid of my last box - one of Barbs that deteriorated a bit more each time I moved it. I spied this one at savers and I thought the design was just ... *that gesture where you gather your fingers together at your mouth and make a kissy noise as you release them out * When you close the whole thing and latch it, the bottom drawer won't even open. YES. Plus it has similar visual elements to Barb's box. Had to have it. But I also spied an old wooden one with a bright orange interior so I had to have that one too. #choices #thriftin #jewelrybox #vintage
5.16.17 #photoaday Sky lookin all innocent and pretty like it didn't just spit ice on me a few hours ago.
5.15.17 #photoaday
5.14.17 #photoaday Mom doesn't allow photos. Paisley Park doesn't allow photos. Louie allows photos so he gets photoaday.
5.13.17 #photoaday Starting my side patio!
5.12.17 #photoaday The babies.
5.11.17 #photoaday
5.10.17 #photoaday Pulling out craft supplies to encourage spontaneous creativity, I found a pile of art from long ago. Part of my fun-with-carbon-paper-and-mixed-media phase. Which coincided with my rabid-obsession-with-Beck phase. Good times! #art #crafts #craftnight #mixedmedia #carbonpaper #beck #1996
5.9.17 #photoaday I know they're tiny now, but these are snow peas, snap peas, spinach, broccoli, kale, beets, carrots, cabbage, and Chinese cabbage. Dare I say that everything but the basil appears to be growing on my first try? #beginnersluck #firstveggiegarden #gardenwhisperer #nothingcouldpossiblygowrongwiththisbraggadocio
5.8.17 #photoaday Stepped outside for less than a minute looking for my cat and made a new friend.