Hippo @hippo_thebully

Just a Bulldog named Hippo #identitycrisis. You can call me Hippo or Ms. Potamus. From Georgia, now living in Raleigh, NC. #hippogram DOB: 2/20/2016

I love when Dad is done with work and we can play!!
No Sunday Scaries here! #yallmeansall
Good Morning Raleigh!
Hope everypawdy had a fantastic Saturday!
Dad says I'm "Artsy Fartsy"
Floating into the weekend ⚓️
Finally Friday!!
Have to start Thursday with a #BabyPotamus picture! #throwbackthursday #tbt
Halfway there!! #wednesday
A few clouds won't keep me away! #waterwednesday
That was some walk Dad! #tongueouttuesday #ToT
Did someone say #tongueouttuesday 👅👅
When you start remembering everything you did over the weekend 😂
Monday isn't so bad when Dad is wfb #workingfromboat #lovewhereyouwork
Starboard or Star on Board?
Dad took me out on the boat for the first time today! I hope everyone had as good of day as I did!
Saturday's are for the dogs #AdventuresofRileyandHippo