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Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a hard battle and every second we are creating our story.

Made some new friends at #iheartfestival #iheartvillage These pups which were rescued from the recent hurricanes can be adopted at ( #lovepupfoundation
Vegas makes us giggle. Here for #iheartradiomusicfestival2017
As the @pgatour season comes to and end I wanted to show off my golf "high" lights/skills. High water pants, extremely high follow through for a driver, and a high level love of the game! Maybe my dream of working for the @pgatour may come true!
Join @humanityandhope and me on September 30 | @colony_kc + @therinokc | 7-11 p.m. | It will be an evening with lots of food, drinks, live entertainment, and a silent auction! The goal is to raise $20,000 to create jobs for La Cuchilla, a village of 27 families in Honduras. The men and women in La Cuchilla have asked for an opportunity to work so they can provide better water, homes and education for their families. Please consider purchasing a ticket and/or making a generous donation (tax deductible) to help us reach our goal and make a difference -- Link in profile! . Invite your friends by tagging them in the comment section below. . #learngrowprosper #hopesquad #bettertogether #purchasewithpurpose @visitkc
Thanks @bmw_golfsport for a day to remember with @jonrahm @54urlacher @nolayingup ! Listen to the upcoming @nolayingup podcast to hear the summary of the day.
Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Pictures, especially on social media and the one above display that everyone is living in a perfect world. But I have learned that we all have our stuff: our joys, our pains, our triumphs, and our struggles. I have also struggled, I have lived in seasons of joy and seasons of sadness. But let's be clear, remember the world is a better place with you in it! We got a big story to create, and we all need you around to help form it. So, on this day no matter where you are (especially if you are struggling) you aren't alone. Yes, we all may feel this way sometimes. No, you won't always feel like this. Suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse, it eliminates the possibility of it ever getting any better. We need you! #helpbringhope #suicideprevention #suicidepreventionday2017 (pic cred @r_petey) “When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tides will turn.” -Harriet Beecher Stowe (Help do a small part by donating to link in bio)
Read about @r_petey search for the perfect coffee with @generous_coffee_ on @mahoganyworkplacecreative (link in bio) "My mind was even more blown by what I experienced and the crazy ways God works if you truly surrender your heart to Him and faithfully trust His plan." - @r_petey
Let us all lift our Texas friends up (baby model pictured above is Austin and Houston resident #sillylittlevincent) Go to @mahoganyworkplacecreative to read about the devastation and then donate just $10. Finally tonight come out to @tapatsloanslake to raise money for people affected by #hurricaneharvey (link in bio for event)
If I flex hard enough and the sun hits me just right then sometimes in pics I can look like @deanie_babies @luke__pell @jaredhaibon @beccatilley @ashley_iaconetti thanks @fierce45denver
If you don't follow @generous_coffee_ then I question why you have Instagram. Generous Coffee Company's first batch of coffee will be arriving soon, be a part of the first people to buy our bags! Let's change the world together! The best stories are created in the beginning, so hey be apart of the foundation! We need you. Follow @generous_coffee_ for all of the updates and news! #liveagreatstory
@coachkbarnett made the mistake of inviting us to his baby moon @sarah_barnett12 we promise to be the best four uncles west of the Mississippi (not pictured @hoffkm @walley_carter)
Yesterday @fierce45denver along with the help of @baconsocialhouse raised over 10k for @humanityandhope. On behalf of @humanityandhope (founder of @humanityandhope @mightberiley in picture) THANK YOU! And for all those who came out and hung out with us we appreciate you!
Crossing my fingers that @chrisbharrison helps me find a million today for @humanityandhope!
Will I be the Bachelor again? One thing I’ll always be is a small-town boy from Indiana, and in Indiana farming’s a big deal. My main takeaway from farming is that you always harvest what you plant—I’ve never seen someone plant beans and harvest corn. In this season of life I want to plant generosity and to serve others, because that’s what I hope to see in this world with all of my heart. I believe in love, hope, and that being Generous creates the world we all want to live in. So about the Bachelor…read the @mahoganyworkplacecreative (link in bio) to find out! #mahoganyworkplace #generouscoffee
I am participating in the #nopuckerchallenge and so should you to help combat Nieman-Pick Type C (NPC). NPC is a fatal genetic disorder mostly affecting children. It is commonly referred to as "Childhood Alzheimers's". NPC is always fatal. Without help, half of the children won't survive past age 10. Hope for Marian is a member of SOAR (Support of Accelerated Research). SOAR is a collaboration between a group of family foundations and leading scientific researchers whose unifying goal is to find treatments and a cure for NPC. The overarching goal of SOAR is to fund and accelerate the most promising research and development pipelines for NPC. This serves to rapidly identify promising compounds and expedite pre-clinical testing to get treatments here better, faster and in time. All money raised by Hope for Marian will benefit SOAR projects and partnerships, directly funding and accelerating life saving research with the promise to save NPC children. Your support will help save the life of a child with NPC. Take the No Pucker Challenge! Eat a lemon, donate and buy a shirt at #hopeformarian #curenpc #nopuckerchallenge. @jjhlane @barstoolsports @wellsadams @treysmith4412 @ssykes_mortgage
Have you ever had a really bad stomach ache?  It can be completely overwhelming, and take away so much potential.  I know this firsthand because not too long ago I spent 9 months with a stomach ache before learning I’d caught a parasite from unclean water, and it rocked me as a grown man.  Thankfully since I have access to doctors, I was able to kill the parasite before it burrowed out of my side.  Unclean water has caused enough damage, and it’s time for us to take action this Sunday with two of my favorite organizations,   @humanityandhope and @fierce45denver.  Come out and join us, and help us raise $15,000 to bring water to a village of people who have not yet experienced the joy of living a life without a lifelong stomach ache. To raise money @fierce45denver will be hosting classes all day Sunday and accepting donation! Contact @fierce45denver for details #waterislove
Myself and @t1lucas just made a donation for the #PieForALife Challenge to raise money for @thehopeandlove to help reach lives, change lives, and save lives by bringing a message of hope and love to the younger generation in the efforts of suicide prevention and anti-bullying. I challenge all of you to get involved by making a donation to The Hope and Love (link in the bio). I also challenge you to join us in the #PieForALife Challenge by making a donation, making a video, and challenging a friend. #PieForALife we challenge @chadbruegman @mightberiley @ashley_iaconetti and @jaredhaibon
One season in the books but hopefully many more to come! I get to talk, laugh, and work with my friend @ashley_iaconetti, if you are ever feeling down just listen to her for a bit and life seems to always get a lot brighter. Make sure to go check out #almostfamouspodcast on iTunes or on @iheartradio last episode so we can come back for more seasons.
(Link in Profile) Where there is love, there is life--and I've hardly ever felt more alive than during my trip to Honduras over the last 11days! With my mom by side, I had the life changing experience of leading 40 amazing Americans & Hondurans on a trip for @humanityandhope and @generous_coffee_. Read along, or come be part of the story! Photo cred @r_petey