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Let's go Cubbies! #flythew
What if we all focused on pouring out love to help each other prosper? What if instead of looking inward we looked outward? What if a deeply satisfying life was found in the givenness of sacrifice? @humanityandhope (video by @r_petey)
Just wait until I get home and show everyone my new tricks!
Fishing for lunch today with @fishenvycharters! From ocean to table in an hour! Starting a work trip the right way but now it's time for a conference room...thanks captain Chris for a day to remember! #fish
Go Cubs Go! Back to Wrigley today #cubs⚾️
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. -Martin Luther King Jr." @laurenbushnell continues to spread love while some feel it is their responsibility to spread hate, she is a light in this world. Proud of my gal, @laurenbushnell got me 😻😻
"Working hard or hardly working" -grandpa higgins. Today is the last day for the #monthofhope. Support @humanityandhope and the work being done in the lives of hundreds by checking out the link in my profile. I mean how cool is it to know that by becoming a monthly donor you could have an impact each month in showing love to people who once felt forgotten. Either way donation or not thank you for a great month full of hope and love! #monthofhope #love
#lagreefitness look @chrisbharrison I put a shirt on for this one!
We all need hope. I am posting this picture because honestly and selfishly I just like it. In addition it's also a picture with a friend who continues to show me through brokenness God can do miracles. @mightberiley shared a book with me recently that has the following quote which I believe we can all gain insight and wisdom from. The excerpt is this... "Jesus turns to our question of why-why this brokenness, why this darkness?- and says "You're asking the wrong question. You're looking for someone to blame. There is no such cause and effect here." This happened so the power of God could be seen. There's brokenness that's not about blame. There's brokenness that makes a canvas for Gods light. There's brokenness that makes windows straight into souls. Brokenness happens in a soul so the power of God can happen in a soul." - #thebrokenwaybook please consider helping bring light to brokenness by becoming a monthly donor to @humanityandhope, even if it is a small amount. Check out my link in profile. #monthofhope
Go to the link in profile! I mean who doesn't need a little #hope and #love ? #monthofhope @humanityandhope
Last November my beautiful fiancé @laurenbushnell joined @humanityandhope in Honduras and fell in love with the people of La Coroza and Remolino—especially the children! During a prayer on the trip, Lauren felt called to make a specific donation to H&H that would go on to create days and days of work for the men and women we serve right before the holidays. It was perfect timing! Not only did Lauren invest her best by spending her time to make the trip Honduras, but she made an investment to change lives through opportunities -- Myself and @humanityandhope are incredibly thankful for her thoughtfulness and generosity, she sure has a heart full of love. • During this last week of our Month of Hope campaign, Humanity and Hope asks you to join Lauren and #investyourbest to give the best to others. $10 per month creates one day of work - which for someone in Honduras means the opportunity to provide a better future for their children -- something they get work towards. Your investment will change lives, now and forever. Click the link in my profile to become a monthly donor and make a lasting impact. #monthofhope
I have had some great prom dates in the past but being able to bring @laurenbushnell is icing on the cake. But most importantly thanks @averybee24601 for giving @jjhlane hope and allowing him to ride your coattails to his first prom. #monthofhope