Gerrard @hiddenleaftrash

My feelings ain't ever hurt
Good morning kids
Y'all mind if I leave this beautiful art of my favorite hero from class 1-A
Y'all got any uhhhhh good service
I'm just tryna blow up
Good business ventures today I'm feeling accomplished
Streets tough out here
Good morning yo
This how my right hand be feeling on Saturday afternoons
Just a FUCKEN barrage of bad news Today. RIP SOUNDCLOUD RAPPERS and future sound cloud Rappers. Brig I'm included. Shit I'm never gonna become a SOUNDCLOUD RAPPER ever in my life . That shit be one of my GOALS FAM. Damn I'm HURT.
Ayy wass poppin JIM🅱️O
When Madara activates his perfect Susanoo
Damn lil nigga it's been a while
Beelzemon is definitely my favorite digimon. That boy got the SAUCE!!!!
Nice akatsuki memeber
Overweight gentleman from a country of whomst is populated by dark skinned homosapiens
Mufugennnnn UHHHHHHH
This show is just called Feud now
Happy Birthday to Karasunos future Ace
Ayy fuck Josh foreal tho