M e m e s A r e D e a d

M e m e s A r e D e a d @hiddenleaftrash

I need me a shooter like this
Let me hear your thoughts.
Imma die in that Frozen casket
Good morning ladies
Please don't disrespect anime like that. I am very offended right now
I gotta watch 13 reasons why
Nigga swung on him like he owed him money. He also swung him around like how Mario swings Bowser on Super Mario 64
Some dumbass crashed to a fucken yellow post lmao
See you in a couple hours
Alright fellas. Let's get to work.
Smh the nerve of some people
Y'all need to read this new manga called Dr. Stone it's very good.
Nigga hit a game breaker on an old man lmao
Sharpshooter LvL 99
Going on my last crusade to fuck the Wendy's girl.
Yo Hol up, ain't this the nigga beans
But did y'all wish your parents a good morning and gave a kiss today???
Well, I'm waiting