M e m e s A r e D e a d

M e m e s A r e D e a d @hiddenleaftrash

Big tits is where it's at
Let me just take a break real quick
Let me just uuuuuuhhhhh seize the means of production real quick
Instagram is for losers
Happy Birthday to the Guess Monster Satori Tendou 🎈🎉🤗
Good morning
Did you fall for a Thot today?
I'm a certified hood aficionado
Dabbin on em Nazis like the usual
Nigga woke up like dis
I want a fat ass
I hate Roblox
Good morning
The Promised Neverland. One of the best manga right now. Definitely recommend you to read it. It's worth it.
Nigga mode activated
Y'all niggas read manga?
My Quirk is to steal everyone's memes and claim them as my own. It's called meme for one.
Understandable have a good day