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Anime+Life | I too, want to become a Hero

Overweight gentleman from a country of whomst is populated by dark skinned homosapiens
Mufugennnnn UHHHHHHH
This show is just called Feud now
Happy Birthday to Karasunos future Ace
Ayy fuck Josh foreal tho
Me after I said several months ago that I was gonna start making videos
It all goes downhill from here
Lmao poor dog
I guess it's been a long while hasn't it
It's everyday BRO
Hopefully I can finish HXH within 10 days
Miss me with that straight shit
Slowly trying to not die
Good morning to everyone
Home alone with nothing to eat
Number 2
It wasn't even rob stone who dropped X it was some pussy boys from San Diego
Those damn tests
I'm a registered sex offender