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👰🏻👦🏻As a gift to all the beautiful brides and grooms Luvion Beauty Center wants to offer you a unforgettable wedding day with beauty experts to bring more glamour to your special day. ( 8th of August ) Represents the day of INFINITY ❤️ (please book your wedding day with us NOW) 07509032222 or 07509031111 Limited appointments left only. ☝🏽️You will never forget your special day at the most Glamorous Beauty Salon. ❤️ #luvionsalon #erbil #kurdistan ✨گه ر بته ویت جوانترین میکاب جوانترین تسریحه جوانترین وینه له ناو کوشکی صالون له فیونت هه بئ بو خوشترین روژی ژیانت له ئیستاوه ناوی خوت بنوسه جونكه زور جيگامان نه ماوه
‎ وه ک دیاریه ک بو هه موو بوک و زاوایه کانی کوردستان له ۸/۸ وه باشترین داشکانمان ده بیت تا روژی جه ژنی قوربان
‎سه‌نته‌ری جوانكاری و صالون له‌ڤیۆن ‎ناونيشان : ‎هه‌ولێر - شه‌قامی گوڵان - گوڵان تاوه‌ر
‎٠٧٥٠٩٠٣٢٢٢٢ و ٠٧٥٠٩٠٣١١١١
They will never know... ❤️ #hellyluv #heaven #happiness
a palace for all the real Queens ✨👑 @luvionsalon opening soon ❤️✨ #luvionsalon #beauty #palace #erbil #kurdistan ✨سه‌نته‌ری جوانكاری و صالون له‌ڤیۆن به م نزيكانه بو هه موو خانمانى كوردستان
The Most Glamorous Beauty Salon Center @luvionsalon will be opening it's doors in Erbil first week of August, for all the beautiful Queens who love glamour, luxury and being treated like a Goddess as they deserve 🌹👑✨call 07509032222 or 07509031111 for bookings and their special bridal day bookings 👰🏻❤️✨ #luvionsalon #salon #luxery #erbil #kurdistan ✨ گه‌وره‌ترین سه‌نته‌ری جوانكاری له‌ شاری هه‌ولێر له هه فته ى يه كه مى مانگى داهاتوو ده كريته وه... بو حجز و توماركردنى ناوه كانتان له ئيستاوه ده توانن په يوه ندى به م ژماره نه بكه ن .. داشكانى تايبه تمان هه يه بو بوك و بونه تايبه ته كان
٠٧٥٠٩٠٣٢٢٢٢ و ٠٧٥٠٩٠٣١١١١‌
سه‌نته‌ری جوانكاری و صالون له‌ڤیۆن 
ناونيشان : 👇✌
هه‌ولێر - شه‌قامی گوڵان - گوڵان تاوه‌ر
"One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world." ✏📚Special gift from a very inspirational strong young woman who changes the world with her voice to fight for girls education. During my dark days and dealing with death threats I always remember her strength and I know that I am not alone. ❤️Unfortunately we didn't get to meet this time but can't wait for the day we will... ❤ Thank you for all you do and for this beautiful gift I love so much! @malalafund God bless you🙏🏼❤️ #malala #malalayousafzai #hellyluv #empoweringwomen #girlpower #hero #inspiration #humanitarian
Best things in life: 😋🍦✨ #hellyluv #icecream #gucci #happiness
I don't want to leave 🌴❤️
Forever my favorite thing to do when traveling in a new city. Renting a scooter and getting lost ❤👌🏽 who wants a lift ? 😘 #hellyluv #bikelife #bikerchick #gucci
Mornings like this 😍🙈❤️ #heaven
"Diamonds ain't nothing when I'm rockin' with ya. Diamonds ain't nothing when I'm shinin' with ya" 💎✨ #hellyluv #heaven #love #rihanna #dolcegabbana @dolcegabbana
Home goals ✨😍 who wants to move in ? 🙈
Cheers Luvs!! And cheers to YOU!! ❤️💃🏽🎉🍹 it's all coming!!! Can't wait to share you what I've been working on 🙈 it's all for you!! LOVE YOU 💋💋💋 #hellyluv #celebrating #love #life #happiness #blesses #loveyou #dolcegabbana #fashion @dolcegabbana
A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world. 🌹✨
Helly in Wonderland 🌹✨🌹✨🌹 #hellyluv #heavenonearth #dolcegabbana @dolcegabbana
"Angels Are Watching Over Me" 🕊✨ Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Eid <3
جەژنتان پیرۆزبێت Cejna we pirozbe
عيدكم مبارك وكل عام و انتم بخير
Missing this 🐪📿❤️ #hellyluv #dubai #desert #sunset #ramadan