Gymnast-Dancer❤️Haz❤️ @harri_danceandgym_

Happy bank holiday! What's everyone up to today?
Throwback to a gym competition a few years ago
Messing about in the garden! Loving the sun 😁
Still working on that left leg 🙈
Dance competition today! Good luck everyone 😁
Left leg transformation 🙈
Happy bank holiday everyone 😁😁
That's it! It's been an amazing few weeks. So glad I got to step in last minute and perform in Singing In The Rain!☔️💦💧
Cheeky little showgirl moment🙈😁
C'mon left leg!! Who else hates stretches on the left...? 🙊🙈
Using my @gym_factor_ltd block to help with my aerial cartwheels! Featuring the new fake grass 😜😜😜
Can't wait to get back out in the garden to do gymnastics again! My dad has been putting some fake grass down so I haven't been able to go outside for ages! Not long to wait now though 😁😁
What a cool edit! Thank you @2_gymnast.xo I love it❤
Stretching with my @gym_factor_ltd bands! Getting ready for the another show tonight ✌🏼
Transformation pic! Hard work pays off✌🏼
A photo from the show I am performing in this week! Loving these showgirl feathers! (I'm the one on the far right)😁
Dance makeup done ready for another performance of Singing In The Rain!
Working on those handstands!