Bookings: ☎ Call 830-768-2320

Bookings: ☎ Call 830-768-2320 @harmini731

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Chester Bennington my heart goes out to you and your family brother. Though it saddens my soul, I will not judge the decision you made to take your own life. This world is a very cruel and harsh place to live in. The addiction to drugs and alcohol is a weapon that the devil has used to produce death in the lives of millions of people for centuries. Satan is constantly trying to attack our weak spots and sway us from the path God wants us to live. Temptation is real. Addictions are real. Demons are real. And the overall struggle of life is real. Though I wish you would have got the help you needed before you made the choice to end your own life, my prayer now is that your family stays strong and sticks together during this difficult time. The struggles in your life do not make you a bad person. Your heart was beautiful brother. One that many people around the world will truly miss. I pray the Lord Jesus Christ brings healing and clarity to those you have left behind and that your story causes people around the world to truly seek help in their time of need. God bless you brother, God bless your family, and God bless America. For those of you who may be struggling with life today, listen to me. It's ok to not be ok. We all deal with things. Sometimes people just mask it better to avoid judgments of people and public opinion. But don't think you are alone because your NOT. People DO care about you. I care about you. If Satan is attacking your mind today and you need help dealing with your pain, please... take the time to call one of the hotlines below. Your life is worth living! Struggles are real, but they do not have to last forever. Together, we can overcome the obstacles of life. Though you may not feel like one, God sees you as a CHAMPION. And so do I. <3 Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255 Veterans Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233 @LinkinPark #Chester #RIPChester #ChesterBennington #LinkinPark #TMZ #Aol #Abc #News #Fox #Nbc #Yahoo #NYTimes #LilaBennington #TylerBennington #CNN
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I recently got booked as the headliner for Friday, October 6th at #Godstock in #SanAntonio! I will also do a couple songs on Saturday, Oct 8th as well. Make plans to be there!! It's one of the largest FREE Christian events. God is going to move, in Jesus name.
Let's just be real. My God Is Stronger Than Your god. Class dismissed. Compliments of @rowdyjesusclothingco #RowdyJesus #BeRowdyWearRowdy #Harmini
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Jesus. Oh the power that lives in that name. @Harmini731 approved.
It was iighhht haha
If he heads over to the sports section he just might find the worms he's looking for :) What do you think?
I wanted to help this little guy but there wasn't much I could do.
I like it when clouds take different shapes:) Do you see anything when you look at this one? #Cloud #Clouds #Sky #Weather #Heavens #NaturalGas
Kinda kool!