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Guru paatni @guru_paatni

🔲 1st cry😭 don't know too young 🔳 Runner🏃 but not an athlete 🔲 Recently did a world tour (Day Dreamer) 🔳 Continuous Learner📖📚 🔲 Believer🙋

You can chill even in hell if you got your brigade with you. #happyfriendshipday #partyinnature
However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship. . . #friends #fbb #gettogether
Once upon a time in GCMT. #the_always_together_group. Follow tags to find me.☺
Reposting This Video Due To Some Technical Reasons. This is not full video You can checkout the YouTube Channel For full video☺
I DON'T HAVE FRIENDS. I GOT FAMILY. #fastandfuriouslove
Oh I find my old pic before I started using fair and lovely😜