Gururaj @guru_garnett

A 15 year old choch who has a dream of bcomng famous on a platform called THE INTERNET. Single but not ready to mingle anytime soon 😂😂 Existing.

😍🍕🍕 PIZZA🍕🍕😍 #tb
Black is a priority ❤❤ ....Atleast for the crow...😂✌
It's Independence day, being patriotic by being a "Maverick". That's probably y I'm keeping my hand like an 'M'. Jai Hind !!
The SEXIEST thing I have rn wich I can take to school is mah FIXIE 💕💕 💕 #fixieissexy
Not everything is as simple as Black and White 😎😎 cc : @binasaysbyebye.x.x_
Happy birthday Mom 🎂🍰🍬!! Luv u 💕💕
India is really tryin hard to make railways cool....but seriously guys....that science express was daaammmnnn cool 💕💕😎 #letindiadevelop 👍👏 #nofilters
Indian railways is basically a low class restaurant, the middle class traveller, and a high class trouble maker 😂😂....but still...nothing can beat d memories attached wid it 😍😍
Had extremely amazing fun wid these guys yesterday......thx fr accompanying @_thebrainiac_ @u_knw_me_07 @sneha_shankar01
Go karting in singapore !!! Wid @u_knw_me_07 !!!
Picture says it all....... Wid @pranav_vijay0805 @u_knw_me_07 and @rahul_hornett
Too Bored !!!
Trickshot !!
Waiting........ Pc: @binasaysbyebye.x.x_