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I live life with my twin bro and record some of it.. MTV 📺 SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan Twitter - GraysonDolan YouTube - Dolan Twins

Wearing purple today in support of the #LGBTQ community and also to take a stand against bullying. Be yourself, always 💜
I got 2
I can't tell if my eyes are open or closed // NYC
Nice grethan date in Malibu
About to go on TRL with MTV. Wow we're actually about to be on TV right now.. COME WATCH
TV Stuff 😊
I was back in LA for a night before I left for another adventure. When you see how big the world is you really see how small all of your problems are. Stay off on the adventure 🤘
Best way to end the trip
Traveling is important
It was over 100 degrees out also I'm a douchebag
road trip pics start here // Nevada
Makin hot dogs
I'm so sunburnt rn
Strawberry lemonade is Grethan's specialty drink
I am the Daddy
Since Halloweens a month away #frobackfriday