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Love above all else.

Perfect time to go home.
Waiting for season 4 of @cwtheflash like...
She's pretty. I'm wearing a UCLA shirt that says "You see LA"(Thanks @jonthoma). I love it for obvious reasons. And here, we all see LA. #dadjokesfordays
We stand with Texas.
Mornings on the balcony. #jettlife
When you get a lonnnngggg weekend. 😁
Happy Birthday to a legend who's performances inspired me growing up.
Taking things really seriously earlier this week.
Eclipse got us like... (that's our director, Laura and Andy in the back doing the classic hand shade. Don't worry. I don't think he looked at the eclipse like that) Also, don't worry about the dribble on my shirt. It's supposed to be there. You're gonna have to watch episode 405 of @cwtheflash to find out what's going on with that little, juicy tidbit.
Friday. The end of a 9 day shoot with @cavanaghtom directing me. 😑
From @elonuniversity. Scary times. Hatred fuels hatred. We don't need anymore of that.
Back to Van, repping LA and missing my LA. And just a little groggy.. 😑 Thanks again to all the fans that came out to show the Flash and myself all the love at teen choice. There were a lot of deserving nominees in my category including a few good friends who absolutely deserve a cool surfboard and many other awards. Social media can be a weird place for a sensitive person like myself who likes to please people, but seeing the love in person is always uplifting. Always getting better at putting my hater shades on. 😎 Love you guys. ✌️
Twinning and winning.
Thank you to everyone that voted for myself & @cwtheflash for the dope Teen Choice Awards. The whole cast and crew deserves a surfboard. 1 for everyone. Congrats to my buddy @melissabenoist too!! And I snuck @lathoma3 in here because I like her face and she makes every award thingy more fun.
Allllmost Fox 11. Almost. #bestfriends
Casual. 👉🏻 @officialdannytrejo
Yours truly will be swinging by The #TeenChoice Awards this weekend. Tune in on Sunday and check out the awards and performances. Should be a good time. @teenchoicefox
Semi-entertaining season to follow for the @dodgers.
Neurotic Nora has been stressssin' on all the car rides to work this season. The noise the AC in the trailer makes scares her. We love her, but she's got the boys like 😑
One of the greatest playwrights that there ever will be. Acting legend. Rest in peace, Sam. #SamShepard