Mario Götze ⭐️️

Mario Götze ⭐️️ @gotzemario

It's me Mario 🌹Snapchat: m-goetze19

Happy birthday and all the best 🎊👍 @schmelle_29
On our way to Bremen with @andreschuerrle @marcinho11 @gonzocastro27 watching the TV Series "Shooter" 👌
New filter! Snapchat 👍 @bvb09
Training - new story 💪 #nutrition #fitness
Happy birthday @zayn 👍 keep up the good work! I really like your music 🎶 your passion!
⚽️...and what's your passion?
"Fanpreis" of FIFA. Absolutely deserved. Congratulations. 👏 BVB Fans! #bvb
Training 🏃🏻 #bvb
Training 💪 no days off! #bvb #work
Thank you 🙏 #danke
Time to read and relax. The books I'm reading : "Being hungry makes you healthy", "The Renegade Diet" and "Better Body, Better Brain" ☀️🌴📖
Look who I ran into - big role model! @luis__figo 🤙⚽️ #champions
Training in the gym - it's important for my progress. I spend at least 3-4 times a week in the gym - for stretching, mobility, agility, strength, upper body or speed.💪 It depends on my condition and my feeling!
We wish you a merry Christmas 🎄 ❤🎁
Thank you @nicorosberg! Champion ⭐ #anyway
Make your statement. Watch the #BEHEARD video from @beatsbydre 👊🎼 #anyway
@ilkayguendogan all the best! 🙏 #anyway
Big fight yesterday! ⚽️ @o.dembele7 @schmelle_29 #Bender @bvb09
Hoffenheim ⚽️ Important game today! @marcinho11 @andreschuerrle ⭐️⭐️ #bvb #team
Think about it! @Nike 👍