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Sunset Dresses. 1 or 2? inspired by my favorite designer Elie Saab❤️
' Balanced' Animated version~
Holographic outfit and ombre space buns hair💗 #holographic #holosexual #unicorn Thank you so much for 90k followers! that's insane! HD Photo process is available in my patreon (link in my bio) #drawing #fashion #art #fashionillustration
1 or 2? Soft dusty pink Dresses 🌸- Photo process lesson and full video process is available on my patreon page ( ) - #drawing #fashion #fashionillustration #dresses #art #womanfashion
Progress shot. I just launched a Patreon page! with only a dollar per month, you'll have an exclusive access to process steps with instructions, High quality videos, detailed tutorials and more. Link is on my bio. Thank you so much for your endless support 💕
'Balanced' - Tools used : Photoshop CS 5 Paint tool sai @wacom Cintiq 13HD
Violet Dresses 💜 1 or 2? Tools used : Paper ➡️ @moleskine_world @copicmarker @wacom cintiq 13HD and Paint tool sai
2D rough line animation test #atleastitried
Wonder Woman in #stylechallenge What do you guys think? :) Ghibli,DC animated are some of my personal favorites animation studio . It was really fun to trying out those art style #wonderwoman
1 or 2? Another dresses set that was inspired by @eliesaabworld 👗 - Tool used : @cansonpaper bristol @copicmarker @prismacolor premier colored pencils @photoshop CS5
testing out a different art style #mermay
Warm up drawing . I'm back from being hiatus for awhile 😇 #winteriscoming #gameofthrones #daenerystargaryen #gotseason7
1 or 2 ? Black dresses❤️ - Tools used : Copic sketch marker Canson Bristol Paper Paint tool sai
A satisfy feeling👄
#gifauliareview Finecolour sketch marker Performance. Full version is on my YouTube channel gifaulia animation (link is on my bio) Check my previous post for the product review
#gifauliareview Finecolour Sketch Marker - Where you can get it : Aliexpress, ebay, amazon Tidar Art Supplies (Bandung, west java) - Cost Breakdown Finecolor Sketch Marker 1.2 USD / piece - Basic Information It Comes with 240 colours available for the sketch Markers The sketch marker comes with a fine point tip and a broad tip, they also have another one that comes with the brush tip (which is very similar to the copic one) The ink is alcohol based . It comes with the REFILL INK which is US $3.00 / piece both two nibs are not replaceable Made in China Comes with a colorless blender - Application, Demo willbe available ony YouTube channel : Gifaulia Animation The swatches and blend ability speaks for themselves My only issue is that some of the colors get really patchy when you try to build it up - Blendability 7.5/10 - My thoughts Finecolor marker is really great for the price! I’ve been using the it for over the past 3 years. I always repurchase this marker and I would 10/10 recommend it especially for those of a beginner artist who just starting out with markers - If you guys have any question or concerns please leave a comment
Chillin' at sunset
Close up & face details 😊 #wonderwoman #justiceleague #DC
Just saw the justice league trailer and I can't resist to draw @gal_gadot as #WonderWoman . #JusticeLeague #UniteTheLeague . Who's your favorite DC female character? mine is selina kyle /Catwoman . Tool and products used: Onebucksketchbook @wacom Cintiq 13HD @photoshop CS6 and paint tool sai
Classy date night 👌