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I could lay here all day 🐚
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I've been traveling on a yacht with my baby brothers all through the Bahamas, we stay at each destination for 2 days and it's been so awesome 💚
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Getting some Vitamin D ☀️ - There is nothing quite like soaking up the sun’s rays for improving your mood and energy. It is ingrained in our very DNA to respond to sunlight. Much like a plant will become revived as soon as the sun comes out (that and a bit of water of course), so do we. Therefore, get your butt out of the home or office at least once a day to soak up some sun. The double benefit is that it will also help to boost vitamin D. Vitamin D has been shown in research to directly improve mitochondria function. The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell in charge of making ATP, the very currency your body uses for energy.