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🌸gaмer & ѕтreaмer 🌸 ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍʏ ɢᴇᴇᴋ sǫᴜᴀᴅ 🎀мy player 2 @igloo_arsonist 💕 🎮 twitter: @lextaliones_

Happy Saturday everyone ! Not quite sure what my night plans are! Either go to the bar for an hour or so or just stay home and submerge myself in green tea ice cream and game 🎀
Fighting in the dark is fun because it makes it at least super pretty while you're getting blown up 😂
I often play Horizon Zero Dawn just to enjoy the amazing scenery ✨
Happy Saturday! I stayed up pretty late last night doing some lucio ball placements which was wicked fun then played some battlefield 1 and a tad of no mans sky! It was a blast ✨
My only correction is .. social life? What social life? This totally was me at some parties in college though 😂
So after a year of growing increasingly disappointed with No Mans Sky I picked it up and with the new base building and land vehicle additions it's becoming more and more playable. Not to mention the cool new photo mode feature!
Goodmorning everyone! Happy Friday! Hopefully your weekend plans are fun! What's on your agenda?
I've had this Robot Aqua Kitty theme since the day I got my ps4 and for some reason I can't ever bring myself to change it. It makes me so happy 😅😅😅
I'm totally most likely deleting this later but in special Throwback Thursday post I feel like revealing the Sophomore in Highschool Lauren. I can't believe I looked like this for a few years 😂😂😂
Got to throw down a few matches of overwatch with some of the amazing peeps of the slaystation 🎀
So finally set up my twitch affiliation. I had gotten invited to be an affiliate back in April but totally forgot to set it all up. 🎀
I did a thing and decided to decorate my white controller. It was so boring compared to my Star Wars controller 🎀
Never thought there would be the day that Pikachu made an appearance on snap chat 🙃 #pikachu #snapchat #gamergirl #babeswhogame
Sorry for my spam lately of my boyfriend and I ! I'll be back to gaming content now, stepped away from the console for the weekend to visit him. What are you all playing lately ? I played ark survival for the first time the other night & ate shit and died so that's how I handled that game 😂
So my weekend was absolutely perfect. I can't begin to describe how amazing this man is ( @igloo_arsonist ) I was blessed to fly to Ohio to spend my time with him and meet his family. I cannot wait until I get to see him again. Once again thank you Instagram for allowing us to meet and begin our future together ❤️
So I got to get my ass kicked in mini golf by him but I'm actually uber sad because I have to fly home tomorrow 😭