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Last night in Paris, had to 😍😍😍🗼 #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017
@faithconnexion x rooftop cocktails 🍹= 💃🏾
Feeling like Molly Ringwald @hermes #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017
In honor of my recent Italian adventures, tonight’s #FoodieFriday is a twist on an Italian pastry. Get in the kitchen and try @Chefrli’s receipe for an Eggplant Cannoli.
🗼 on the #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017 Rick Owens shot by @siyabeyile for @TheThreadedMan
@louisvuitton x Paris
@elleryland x Paris
When I met @Zendaya I was struck by her poise and that smile and her laugh. She is real. She is painfully polite.  She is no pushover. She is clear on what she wants and does not suffer fools or wasted time. She is WOKE. She is a leader. She is compassionate. She is a triple threat. But I have to say it again, she's real. No BS about her. Maybe it's cuz she's from the Bay, maybe it's just who she is or maybe it's her amazing parents... My #WCW is a special woman. Let us lift her up. ❤ this young woman.
Rooftops and Romance Paris Edition w/ @off__white #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017
Kickin it in a medieval tunnel in San Gimignano #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017
Gimme sneakers and I'll give you a smile 😎 #WadeWorldTour #Summer2017
My Dad is about 19 in this picture & fully believed in the American dream. That if you just work hard & do the right thing, serve your country, marry a nice girl, you will be considered special, different. So he joined the Army, got out & married a nice girl and went to work and started a family. Both my parents went to college at night & cleaned the daycare late at night in exchange for free childcare. They moved to a "good neighborhood" & slowly earned college degrees & got promoted. All the while raising their 3 girls as well as other kids who needed homes and guidance. He also coached our sports teams, mentored kids, officiated games... and none of it mattered. On his way to work one morning driving out of our perfectly planned suburban community in his Mercedes and rocking a tailored 3 piece suit, my father was stopped, pulled out of his car in front of the entire neighborhood and put spread eagle on the ground with guns pointed at him. They said a convict had just escaped from a nearby jail. The guy they were looking for was 20. My dad was balding in his 40s. When I see this picture of my father I cannot help but think of #PhilandoCastile a good man who did all the right things and was a father figure to so many...and none of it mattered. On this day and every day know that we are not threatening by birth. Do not demonize our breath. We are not to be feared. Our lives, our children, our love... IT MATTERS! We matter. #BlackLivesMatter
Happy Fathers Day Dad! To the man who told @dwyanewade within minutes of meeting him "What do you want with my daughter? She's got her own shit, owns her own home, has a career... So whatcha bringing to the table that she doesn't already have?" D replied "I just want to love her." My dad stared at him dead in the face for a minute, then smiled "Well, what do you think about my Cornhuskers?" My pops... He always has my back, taught me about valuing hard work and independence and that you ARE your brothers/sister's keeper. Love you Dad ❤ #Nebraska #Cornhuskers #ThoughtBobbyKnightWasASoftie