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he's really about about that life.
McGlovin was born
Actually true ( @pizzaslime)
Same here man.
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It's prob gonna end up being a little spritz.
I don't watch Game of Thrones but somebody that watches Game of Thrones told me that people who follow me that watch Game of Thrones would appreciate this so here you are..
They should make an app for that sound so they can play it at my funeral so everyone knows that I'm still cashin checks in hell.
If you're not drinking @maliburumus on National Rum Day today, you need to seriously reevaluate your priorities in life #becausesummer #ad
Pretty smooth move.
Everybody needs to pop a xan and chill the fuck out.
"Clarity" - John Mayer
This is the shit I'm talking about.
Holy fucking heck.
This is the level of genius I aspire to reach.
Guess I ain't the only one. (Twitter: ZarFami, @superdeluxe)
I'd be jealous to say the least.
Young Money Baby!
Case Closed