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they say if you put random circles on the photo you'll get more likes, here goes nothing😂
won't work but worth a try so give it a go if you want lol
clay jensen who? jk clay actually finished the tapes😬
can fighting in this fandom just stop already like omg. I understand that most of this fandom is really young kids but like do you guys have to fight every time someone doesn't have the same opinion as you. I get hate dms every single day from mostly 10 year olds and it's like why am I gonna fight with this little kid. I'm so disappointed with the way we act like we're all here for the same reason so can't we all be supportive of each other. Oh and another thing, can people stop hating on fanpages, and it's not just me I'm talking about its others to, they get hate for being inactive and stuff like that or if you don't like what they're posting like we are working hard as hell to keep these pages going and you guys need to remember that these pages aren't our whole life's like we have things to do so you don't need to hate on us and be immature over stupid little things. My last post was a complete joke like obviously and I was kinda surprised that no one realized it was and then remember how young everyone was. Moral of this post is that I'm annoyed and disappointed on how immature we all are to eachother when in general we're all supporting here for the same reason. (Most likely gonna delete soon just needed to say something)
woahhh tanner with a deep voice, that's something new
don't be silly😬 @tannerfox @tannerfox @tannerfox rip audio and quality thanks ig👍🏼🙄
this is actually the cutest thing I've ever seen😂❤️ @tannerfox @tannerfox @tannerfox
these boys deserve nothing but happiness.✨ • #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolan #dolantwins #dolans #ethan #grayson . @graysondolan @ethandolan Instagram ruined the quality🙄
tanner x dolan twins⭐️ @graysondolan @ethandolan @tannerfox
plzz no one like this I wanna have a post with no likes,
omg not this again, but what colors do you guys see?😂🤔
making this edit I watched a lot of the old videos and boy do I miss it like honestly miss everything❤️ thanks for all the support from everyone truly means a lot!! @tannerfox @jake_angeles
oops my finger slipped😬 Liza and David are the definition of goals ngl
im sorry but im gonna be completely honest here. I don't care about how expensive your car is or how your "girlfriend" looks or any other clickbaity title used for views, using your "girlfriend" and saying that as if she's not a person as if she doesn't have a name, labeling her so that you can get views pisses me off so much and faking a smile also pisses me off. I know Tanner always says change is good but losing yourself is not, tanner recently made a webisode 7 but personally I didn't see the same person I saw in the old ones, in the old vlogs when tanner had a real smile that's what made me happy. I never cared about how much money he had, what girlfriend he had, or how much merch he had, I cared about him and honestly seeing him happy was what I loved the most but I've seen a change in him and I'm just not happy watching his videos there not as entertaining to me anymore. I miss the og foxfam, the people who didn't care whether tanner followed him, the ones who didn't care who had the most likes or who had the most followers, the ones who made a fanpage because a boy made them so inspired and happy to make a whole ig page in his honor and stay passionate about that page for months and months. If you can't see the change in tanner than you've missed out on the real him. I can't go on with this page anymore it's not "what makes me happy", I loved the journey and memories and best friends I've creating along the way but I just don't think I can do this anymore. I'm not gonna abandon the page I'll post something from time to time but I hope you all understand❤ I will always care about Tanner and everyone who supported the page❤ and Tanner if your reading this and get mad and unfollow or something just remember and never forget the reason your such a big YouTuber now and please don't ever forget the people who were here from the start the people that have been supporting you from the beginning. please don't ever forget the fans that cared about you before you had all this stuff because we never cared about what you had and what you didn't we cared about you❤ @tannerfox @tannerfox @tannerfox
fetus tanner😂❤ in the baby videos Tanner looks like he's always on his own adventure and it's so funny watching the videos cause he's just doing his own thing😂 @tannerfox @tannerfox @tannerfox
i know this edit seems really shady but I'm gonna make a regular edit for Tanner and Taylor soon so please don't think I'm hating on them👍🏼 and I like this song 😂 @tannerfox @tannerfox @tannerfox @tayloralesia @jake_angeles
why does this look like something that would be on the cover of an album or something😂 #tb @tannerfox @tannerfox @tannerfox
I made a multifandom account so if you wanna check that out👍🏼 @ravensvoid @ravensvoid @ravensvoid I'm pretty convinced that "4 kids vs. hotel" is my favorite video on tanners channel😂 ~ tanner liked✌🏼