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Let's get lost in the trees.

Slovenia 🌲 cc: @hannes_becker
Toketee Falls, Oregon cc: @dylankato
Seattle 🌲 cc: @justindkauffman
Canada 🇨🇦 cc: @jamieout
Diablo Lake 🌲 cc: @dylankato
Summer adventures 🌲 cc: @jamieout
Oxygen cc: @bokehm0n
Seattle 🌲 cc: @justindkauffman
Summer adventures 🌲 cc: @samuelelkins
Washington 🌲 cc: @dylankato
🌲 cc: @lennart
Bandung, Indonesia 🌿 cc: @anakpelosok
Hints of summer 🌲 cc: @dylankato
In the pines of Iceland 🌲 cc: @donalboyd
🌲 cc: @theolator
Rainy days 🌲 cc: @bokehm0n
Living off the grid. cc: @jannikobenhoff
Always down for an adventure 🌲 cc: @fursty
Shinrin-yoku is a Japanese practice that encourages healing by way of surrounding yourself with nature. It literally means taking in the forest atmosphere. This therapeutic idea has many restorative and rejuvenating benefits, one of which is the reduction of stress by walking calmly through habitats where nature thrives. With many of us living in places where the tallest objects are towering concrete structures, it is important that we break away from the potential tensions we face to soak up the sights, smells, and sounds of nature that contribute to our well being. ( @vsco) cc: guillaumedescamps
The wilderness heals the soul. cc: @lostintheforrest