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Don't believe what you hear in the media. Don't believe what you hear on blog sites. If it's not coming directly from me, then it's not true. I'm telling McGregor, "Let's fight in 8 oz gloves". McGregor can fight in any brand he prefers or chooses. I'll be wearing 8 oz Grant gloves. Whatever advantage McGregor needs to feel more comfortable in the ring, I'm willing to accommodate. Let's give the boxing and MMA fans what they want to see. @grantworldwide @mayweatherpromotions
Just shooting around, working on my midrange jumper #nba @iam_jcraw @agentearle @nba
Champion Predictions: I'm gonna make a $hit t$n of money on August 26th. I'm gonna make a $hit t$n of money on August 2nd on the Stox.com ICO. #TMT #STOX #MAYWEATHER #TBE #CRYPTO #CRYPTOCURRENCY #BLOCKCHAIN #ETHEREUM #BITCOIN
Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, especially when it comes to media in this country. While everyone is counting my money and assuming the worst, these are the facts... Uncle Sam, received $26,000,000.00 from me in 2015! What else could they possibly want? I'm sure I would have been notified much sooner if there were any real discrepancies right? Bottom line, everybody just wants to be a part of the "Money May" show, including the IRS! That's fine, you can crunch numbers all day but in the end, my empire is rock solid and intact! Now Calculate That! #TMT #FloydMayweather #TBE #Mayweather
I know I'm not the same fighter I was 20 years ago, I'm not the same fighter I was 10 years ago... As a matter of fact, I'm not the same fighter I was 5 years ago,I'm just an old legend putting in work in 16 oz gloves #TMT #TBE @mayweatherpromotions
Happy Birthday Milan Mayweather! Everyone, follow and wish my baby girl a Happy Birthday @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather @jirahmayweather
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It's time to do your homework. A light ten piece with no sauce... And for the record, that's a 44mm white gold Patek Philippe. #TMT #TBE FOLLOW: @girlcollection @mayweatherpromotions @kingkoraun @moneyyaya @zion_mayweather @jirahmayweather @youngbabyface @janelle_mayweather @thee_mayweather @tmtbside7 @agentearle @rmg1 @dj_jaybling @justinray05 @bigboymansion @natasha_peay @ikitchie Music by: @artofvangogh
Pounds and a few Euros.
Monte-Carlo, Monaco