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Every mile a memory...🤵👰🏼💍🗝🏡

Dressing Room Closet Essentials #SheepSkinChair🐑 #FashionBooks📚
Special delivery 🛍 Rose Gold 🌹🌹
“No amount of fire could challenge the fairy tale she had stored up in her heart”~Gatsby~ 🤴🏻👸🏼🦄🏰
Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness ✨🗝✨(swipe ⬅️)
There is nothing like having family & friends to share our special day #ANightAtTheCastle🏰 (Swipe Left)
Thanks to the @estradatwins for my custom made bridal robe 👗💖
Capturing every moment 🤵👰🏼💍 (swipe left)
Customized Dream Dress 👰🏼
Mr. & Mrs. ✨🥂✨
Summer is over 😟
Beautiful day for the top to be down #ThatsMyBabyBlue🚙💨
Hope our future kids look like Frank ❤️😍
Bath 🛀✅Night Light✅Good Movie✅
Happy birthday Dad 🙏🏼 #RIP
Ava Mae 💕 #SheMeltsMyHeart🤗
Private picnic 🍇🍾🥂✨
9/17/17 🤵👰🏼🐴🦄🏰 @albapro
Behind the scenes with @albapro 📽🎬