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Finn Wolfhard @finnwolfhardofficial

Actor, musician. Announcing first T campaign recipient soon. Feature IT is out now. Stranger Things S2 arriving October 27. #Wonkabowl Nov 3&4 in LA!!

Thanks for helping make this happen!🎈🎈🎈
Yo! Do you like Toronto? Like alternative indie rock music? Come on down to the horseshoe in Toronto for the first @calpurniaofficial show. October 21st all ages show tickets still left
This is gonna be fun, and funny. With @nina and some more amazingly talented people TBA real soon. Happy Friday!!!
Go listen to Richie's super choice £ #%¥*&$ tunes!! Listen on your way to see IT again this weekend @spotify @itmovieofficial #itmovie #spotifyplaylist
We said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" May you have as many more years as we have books upon our shelves and you have stories in your head.
I’m performing the songs of “Charlie Bucket" at #willywonkabowl on November 3rd and 4th. Tix are on sale NOW.  Use early bird code: CHARLIE to buy your tickets today! General on sale is Saturday, Sept. 23rd at 10am!
Proud to receive an award from @thecreativecoalition for my work with @sweetreliefmusiciansfund. Thanks to my parents and @thewolfhard @ryanthomson @tylergrasham and @thatkevinsmith for all your support. You have the #righttobeararts and sometimes you have to fight for it. Check @thecreativecoalition website to see how you can help. 📸Frank Micelotta /Picture Group for TV Guide and my mom.
DID SOME ONE SAY SMELL-O-RAMA!?! Come celebrate with me and my friends as we perform songs from one of the greatest family films of all time as it screens at the Hollywood Bowl aka #willywonkabowl !! P-p-presented in - YES!! - Smell-O-Rama, with Scratch-N-Sniff cards and costume contests galore at the @HollywoodBowl on Nov. 3 and 4th! Tickets go on sale Saturday, Sept. 23rd at 10am PT. Use code: CHARLIE to get your tickets early on Thursday, Sept. 21st at 10am PT. Come see how much we love this film and the late, great Gene Wilder. Get on it, y'all!
What up AV Squad?!?
Big ❤️to @rhondaspiesstylist and @blondiemua and @prada for the looks and the friendship. GO ST! #emmys2017
All Tozier, all the time. Me and @thewolfhard caught staying up late so many times learning - WE WERE LEARNING, MOM AND DAD! - learning from @sethgreen in @robotchicken and - and it was worth every minute we were grounded. We ❤️you, Seth!
Edit: That was dumb. Bill and Finn merge bodies amirite?
And so @strangerthingstv has 18 Emmy noms and has already won 5. Tune in Sunday night for more!! Super proud to be part of the amazing team that puts our show together. And putting me together is @rhondaspiesstylist and @allsaints and @kennethcole and @thekooplesofficial - thanks everybody!
Let's do IT again this weekend!!
Bro and sis reunited after being separated from birth. Very cool! Love you @nattyiceofficial
Lucky number 1496!!! Thanks so much.
1850! That's the total on LET'S GET WEIRD!! I'll be donating in your guys name to @houstonfoodbank when things settle in the next couple weeks. I'm recording and have school today but when I'm done I'll do a video with another random number from 701-1850 for the shirt I wore for the @nylonguysmag shoot. Until then - THANKS AGAIN, GUYS, YOU WERE AMAZING!!
Guys we blew past 1500!! We are going to keep it going until midnight PST tonight and I will increase the Hurricane Harvey donation by 20% - you guys are helping feed at least 60 homeless families around Houston for an entire month! Link in the bio!!! ALSO I will generate another number tomorrow for the second Finn/Peels shirt. Everyone who bought from 701 on until midnight PST tonight is eligible for that draw.