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Throwback to a great day in october at Lofoten islands some time ago. From sunrise to sunset the weather was nice to me- that felt great after beeing battered with gale force wind and heavy rain for almost two weeks in a row. Sitting there with that view while taking pictures is one of those moments that i will never forget. Now as i promised to always give some tips, todays tip is about the use of ultra wide angle lenses. Obvious to experienced photographers, for beginners it might be very useful. The wide field of view is easy to fill when shooting in narrow space like a canyon or cave. With a vast landscape like this one here its easy to get lost if theres not s foreground element close to the lens. By getting close to something one can establish a relationship between foreground and background (and middleground as well). Not every place makes it as visually pleasing as this one of course. But even in less photogenic places you will produce better images this way. Let me know if you agree and have a great evening ✌ #lofoten #norway #magic #throwbackthursday
With this image here i have a hate-love affair going on since a year or so. It's actually a totally rubbish raw file that i shot while scouting compositions. Handheld, high ISO, overexposed- just effd up basically. I then forgot to return to shoot it properly and shot something else instead. Something else is one of my favorite images and you can find it in my feed some post earlier. Now... I would love it if you let me know what you think this is- utter crap or worth showing? Without my @photoshop skills i would have definitly trashed it but this way i kinda like it enough to show it to you guys. Shot in the mighty Torres del Paine national parc in southern Chile as most will have recognized. Anyways i wish you a great evening✌️ #chile #torresdelpaine
I'll tell you a secret about photographing the northern lights. Often the weak activity brings the moodier images. One can concentrate more on other factors of the image and as the lights don't move so quickly one simply has more time. Of course a blazing display is always nice- lately they often make me put the camera away and simply stand there in awe of nature and enjoying the show. Have you seen the northern lights? If yes- where was it? Wish you guys a nice evening✌️ #lofoten #auroraborealis #nightphotography
Fresh view on the iconic cabins of Hamnøy i Lofoten in northern Norway. Ok it isnt that fresh anymore as this was shot in 2015 but still... Everytime i open the folder from this sunrise i find something new worth processing and doing that brings me right back to these rocks where i got trapped by the rising tide 😀 When i'm "in the zone" and inspiration kicks in i tend to forget everything around me. I got absolutely soaked on the way back as i had the waves crashing on me at shoulder level and i was carrying my gear overhead. Thats how unforgettable memories are made. As for this shot i decided to go for shorter long exposure to emphasize the textures in the waves- something i had never seen from this well photographed spot. Whats the craziest thing that has happened to you while shooting? Tell me in the comments ✌ #lofoten #norway #mittnorge
Todays topic is long exposure photography. When i started out, long exposures were all the rage. It went as far as it was beeing said that basically everything looked better when exposed for at least 15 seconds. And well... thats what i did. I also liked what i did- it took a while and self reflection to realize that many of the stuff i shot would have looked even better when exposed for less time. Nowadays i use long exposures as a "creative tool" when i feel that some blurred moving elements can support the story i want to tell with my image. In the case of this image i wanted to emphasize that the Faroe Islands are known for the low cloud layers that play with the mountains, so i figured that a little long exposure of several minutes could help me add a special touch to this popular view above Funningursfjord. The exposure also made this look more timeless- and believe me, i could have stayed sitting there for days. Had to catch a flight home tho- bummer 😀 Whats your opinion about long exposure? Tell me in the comments ✌ Technical mumbojumbo: 16mm, f11, ISO64, 250" @lucroit filterholder and ND3.0 #faroeislands
Continuing with some tips for landscape photography. There are just so many things that bring you forward way more than new gear... Studying classic artworks is a neat thing to do as a photographer. You don't even have to like what you see- it's just about understanding which techniques were used to guide our view. Our brain makes our view go from darkness to light and is also drawn from non contrasty elements to others with more contrast. This simple shot from Skagsanden beach (Lofoten) in Norway is a good example of using this for yourself. Close to sunset mount Hustind was catching a sweet glow, while the beach was laying in the shadow. This also resulted in a nice cold to warm transition. Working the contrast of the image selectively helped to further decide about the way the viewer views the image once he opens it... Hope you enjoy this caption, let me know if i should write more like this ✌ #lofoten #norge #mittnorge #norway
What a fun surprise to be featured by @instagram this night. Happy about everybody who liked that autumnal shot from Germany and i welcome all you guys that followed along this visual journey since some hours ago. This shot here is from one of my favorite shooting sessions in Torres del Paine national parc, Chile. Autumn was slowly starting and the majestic Cuernos del Paine were preparing for some incoming snow. Wish you guys a great day! #chile #theweekoninstagram #diewocheaufinstagram
The island Orust just north of Göteborg (Sweden) isn't exactly what would suffice my need for epic landscapes that i developed from shooting some of the most spectacular places for years. Looking at it from the air revealed a whole new experience for me. Suddenly i was in the zone looking for shapes and layers... Shot quite a lot during my recent vacation there and i hope some of you like these views in the coming weeks ✌ #sweden #sverige
Autumn is just magical... a season where light and darkness come closer to each other and seem to dance together one last time before winter comes #WHPseasons @instagram #theweekoninstagram #diewocheaufinstagram
Afternoon strolls at the german countryside. Really love it when the seasons turn. The colourful leaves, the moody skies and the cooling wind just feels good... i hope you can relate guys. I recommend you going this weekend for some autumn glory ✌ #WHPseasons @instagram
Jump on my new project @wearetheglc to see some of the best landscape photography on this planet (and maybe soon more 😀) I'm currently developing a concept to make it really fun for you guys besides the awesome imagery featured. Tag a friend you would wanna bring along to Lofoten 🖖 #lofoten #mittnorge #norge
Soon it will (possibly if the weather gods are on your side) look like this again on Lofoten Islands. Can't wait... have a great one friends! #lofoten
Many photographers leave the place after sunset. I think it's always worth it to stay at least for an hour. Suddenly everything gets silent and you have the place for yourself. You set the camera up for a long exposure, sit down and just melt together with nature. That was what happened here. I get goosebumps from thinking back at those moments... As many always ask for exifs: 16mm, ISO100, f8, 260" #diewocheaufinstagram #theweekoninstagram
Currently chilling with the family at the Swedish Westcoast. Catched some fish today, tasty😀 Sending you some stormy vibes from Hauklandstranda, Lofoten Islands in Norway with this image. When mother nature gets angry it's when good moods happen... Hope you guys are doing well✌️ #lofoten
Would love to hear about your favorite little towns around the world. These places where humans and nature meet in the most gorgeous way. Reine i Lofoten is sure one of them for and it's quite easy to see why it gets awarded as one of the worlds finest towns every year again... Hope the norwegians make a smart vote today to preserve this paradise #LoVeSe #norge #lofoten #lonelyplanet #bbctravel #airbnb #huffpostgram
Insane solar storms going on right now allowing to see the northern lights in places where it's normally not possible. Did you see the Aurora in the last days? Where was it and do you normally see them in those latitudes? Check out my Blog post about northern lights photography I just uploaded with many useful tips on how to approach this subject. Direct link is in my bio or at www.felixinden.com. I also dropped the prices of my prints significantly for some days, have a look if you are in the mood🤙 Have a great weekend! #auroraborealis #solarstorm #lofoten #norge
Sometimes the way we humans deal with the nature that surrounds us makes me sad or furious or both at the same time. Of course there are much more environmental scandals going on right now, but i can always just focus on one. This week it's the wildfires in Oregon, USA. Because some dude felt like playing with firecrackers or whatnot now some of the most gorgeous places there are devastated. And still more to come... Same happened at Torres del Paine national parc in Chile where i took this shot some years ago. When are we going to wake up?
Guys thanks so much for your interest and all the comments on yesterday's post. It really means the world to me as northern Norway is close to my heart. I'll say thank you with this new image from one of my favourite aurora sessions at Skagsanden Beach, Lofoten islands. Can you spot the pink aurora? #whpgreatoutdoors
Lofoten needs your help! We love this stunning landscape and were shocked to find out the Norwegian government wants to open it for oil drilling. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on the planet, it has the world's largest stock of cod spawn and is one of Europe's largest nesting sites for many seabirds. It's also home to the world's largest coldwater coral reef. Negotiations to open the area for drilling start after the 11th September Norwegian elections, and we urgently need your help to protect it. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW with a mention of norwegian prime minister candidates @jonasgahrs and @erna_solberg, asking them to leave the oil in the ground. Let´s make their phones go crazy as much as possible showing them that this issue is watched worldwide! For more information, visit the Lofoten campaign website (link in bio). #LofotenForever #oilfree #fossilfree #LoVeSe #lofoten #WHPgreatoutdoors
Spectacular view at Lofoten Islands in Norway. Tag a friend that you would bring with you for some nights in those yellow cabins 🤙