Eat wholesome mostly 🍄 Feel awesome daily 🌸

Steamed Sandwich can be such a delight too. So soft, fluffy, with melted steamed cheese and omelette, plus avocado, it's one satisfying meal. #steamedsandwich #sandwich #meltedcheese #avocado #omelette #multigrainbread #alldaybreakfast #vegetarian
. Chicken Rice and Onion Omelette for the gentlemen. Don't judge the rice by its plain looks. Steamed with lots of goodness for aroma and flavour - chicken stock, garlic, Himalayan salt, sesame oil, pepper, coriander. #proteinmeal #highprotein #basmatirice #chickenrice
Inked mah pasta with beet ♥️ #vegan #vegetarian #organic
What are you having for dinner? ☺️
Herbal Prawn Soup Soba Somen & Quinoa Udon. Stock made from scratch with Chinese five-spices, garlic, ginger, coriander, shallots, pepper, black fungus, scallops, prawn shells... slow-boiled for hours for that rich robust taste. #lowcarbssobasomen #quinoaudon #lowcarbs #pescetarian #organic #prawnnoodles #nomsg
Master D's chicken curry! 🍛
Of late, the kitchen has been pretty much helmed by Mister and Master D, as the mummy has no energy to cook. Mister whipped up this Tom Yum Organic Soba and Master D's gonna cook chicken curry later for dinner ☺️
Ayurvedic Meal prepared for me since morning by Mister 💚 Organic vegetarian alphabets pasta with beetroot, purple carrot, garlic, coriander, pea sprouts and broccoli sprouts. #feelingpampered
🐶"I wonder what Mummy is gonna order? Not sure if she would order something for me too?... Oh, she's eating porridge again!?!" 😅
This might not look like much but it means much to me. My dearest son made this glass of warm honey to help his mummy with her cough so she could have a good night sleep. My heart feels real warm now. Counting my blessings and he is one of my best blessings.
My 'cough-saviors' besides the nourishing porridge meals cooked by Mister. In just a couple of days, super painful throat and cough are getting way better. Propolis Balls promote healing, ease pain, increase body's immunity towards flu/cold/cough. These Garlic Balls are made odourless with koji, ginseng and honey to help soothe sore throat. #naturaltherapy #naturalmedicine
More organic brown rice porridge to nurse the cough, delicious salmon potato porridge cooked by Mister. #pescetarian #foodismedicine #hippocrates
My wholesome dinner 🍜 Organic Quinoa Udon & Soba tossed with avocado oil, tuna, scallops, squid and colourful veggies (capsicum, red pepper, Japanese cucumber, celery, onion). #pescetarian
Is it possible to increase metabolism rate as we age? I'd think so. I had been overweight since young and kinda chubby even up to my 20s. Only after I became a mum, I started looking hard at how food could help with our overall wellbeing because I had to cook for my son. Blessed I was indeed, to also meet people/clients who were very much into wholesome eating, taught me detox methods and shared with me valuable knowledge about food. One important thing I noticed after all these years is, detox is crucial to the kind of results we want. Some might have tried many methods to shed some kilos but perhaps experience snail pace results, that's because we have so much toxins accumulated over the years inside us. If we don't purge them, the body can't do the job of burning calories. So it's always detox first, then gradually cruise into a more wholesome eating lifestyle, and exercise. I adopt a 80% wholesome eating 20% indulgence rule typically on a week. These days, I fast too, which is also a way of detox. Fasting once a week helps to maintain good health, and keep the waistline in check. If I feel I've over indulged especially during festive seasons, I fast 4 days in a row after all that feasting. Sounds like hard work? Initially yes, but hard work pays off. It's not just about weight loss but for our health, and we gain energy. So who says you can't increase your metabolism as you age? Everyone can do it 💪🏻
When you feel under the weather, porridge is one good bowl of medicine. #foodismedicine #hippocrates #threadfinfish #mackerel #gojiberries #scallops #pescetarian
大头大头,下雨不愁。 人人有伞,我有馒头。 好好吃的手工大馒头, 又大又有嚼劲的大大馒头。
Sweet scene, don't you think? . 👴🏻Father massaging Father👨🏻 Best shot on Father's Day💙
Thank you, The Straits Times for the credit mention, particularly Ms Lian Szu-Jin ☺️ (Now, everybody knows my age 😅)
Master D's brunch creation for the Daddy. Baked Otah Sardine Sunny Side Up Linguine 😋 Happy Father's Day 👨🏻
Daddies... not enough attention given to them, don't you think? My daddy, miss you dearly, love you wholeheartedly, but I know you're in a better place now, my greatest daddy ❤️ Happy Father's Day to all daddies 😊