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A very healthy Sunday, with healthy meals and healthy activity with the family. Being healthy makes us feel great and happy. 👨🏻👩🏻👦🏻🐶 Featured Model showing how happy we are: @kokothegreedydog 😂
Same same but different. Both soups but one savory, one sweet. Lotus Root Quail Eggs Miso Soup as starter for dinner and Hatomugi Barley Mung Beans Adzuki Beans Longans as dessert after dinner. . #fatwithinkitchen #homecooked #vegetarian #soup #organic #甜汤
After a hearty wholesome meal, dessert of course. 🥑 dairy-free cake with strawberry compote to complete the main course. . #fatwithinkitchen #homebaked #organic #dairyfree #vegan #avocadocake #organicunbleachedflour #organicrawsugar
Life is about knowing when to STOP PONDER MOVE ON Much like traffic lights🚦 Don’t you think? 🍥 Red fishball made with tomato paste. Amber fishball with turmeric powder. Green fishball with pandan juice. Served with organic brown rice and seaweed for a colourful meal 🍱 #fatwithinkitchen #homecooked #noartificialcolors #allnatural #organic #pescetarian #fishballsmadefromscratch
🐶Koko’s first visit to Orchard😄 . #suaku #excitedkoko #happykoko
What we are having for brunch. Teochew style stir-fry kway teow mee tai mak with chaipoh and beansprouts, and those luncheon meat lookalikes? Nope, not luncheon meat, but more wholesome mushroom and pistachio patties from @la_petite_boutique_sg. Squeeze some calamansi over and add some chilli padi, then dig in! 😋
This morning’s mood 🎹 Master D played this piece and it’s not perfect yet, but it’s totally fine. Life’s not perfect either. We fall. We rise. We live. We learn. We get hurt. We survive. We are humans and we are not perfect, and who dares say that’s not fine. . @derpy_dann
How do we tenderize Meat the most natural wholesome way? Kombu. Not only it does that, Kombu contains alginic acid which helps rid the body of cholesterol, control blood pressure, quicken work of intestines, resist the absorption of harmful strontium and cadmuim into the body. With the help of Kombu from @naturesglorysg, we have a delicious meal of: Minced Meat Gravy, Pandan Chicken, Spinach to go with Basmati Rice 🍚 . . #fatwithinkitchen #homecooked #lowgi #highprotein #organic #kombu #balancedmeal
Say Cheeeeese with Dark Cocoa Hazelnut and smile bright with those melted cocoa and cheese stuck in between thy teeth, messily but cheesily nice 😬 St Nectaire AOP Fermier cheese and dark cocoa hazelnut spread from France, nope, I didn’t fly over to France, I drove over to @la_petite_boutique_sg, a cozy place with all things French. Bon Appetit 🇫🇷 #bonappetit #frenchcheese
Yong Tau Foo Mee Tai Mak (Silver Needle Noodles) makes a comforting meal on a cool day, don’t you think? #没有老鼠的老鼠粉
💛 this thorny King of Fruits 👑 . #blackgold #黑金 #durian #榴莲 #tinyseeds
Most Asians love fried rice. We have probably tried many kinds... Seafood Fried Rice, Chicken Fried Rice, Basil Meat Fried Rice, Ham & Egg Fried Rice, Crabmeat Fried Rice... . 🍚 Curiosity got me wok up Fried Rice with Fuzhou Fishballs, Meatballs, Mushroom Balls, Sotong Balls, Veggie Balls, some organic shiitake mushrooms, carrots and quail eggs. . 🥚 Sprinkle fried shallots and sambal dried shrimps, and it is a darn good plate of fried rice. Surprisingly delicious with simple ingredients. #炒饭
🌧☕️🍪🎹💛 Enjoying my latte with @adibeecookies and soothing piano music 🎶 Good morning.
Learned a few new Chinese phrases today, and thought they are really meaningful. Sometimes in life, the more you have, the more you are afraid of losing what you have, but we often forget we started from ground zero. Even if we lose (some or even all), we can always win some back, and what we will definitely win will be valuable experiences. Always be thankful, stay humble and grounded 😌 . #thoughts #quoteoftheday #chinesequote
There’s no need to stick to the same old set of rules every time. #boring Bend the rules. Stuff that Sotong with Otah instead of minced meat... and we will have Sotah 😂 Enjoy with Organic Somen Soba made of wholewheat and buckwheat, scrumptious #pescetarian meal. #fatwithinkitchen #homecooked
No carbs yet pulsating with good nutritional vibes. Quinoa is the ingredient for those seeking high protein meals without sacrificing the satisfaction factor. Fuel up with this hearty healthy dish of organic quinoa, chicken patty, mixed beef lamb sausages, truffle salami, spinach and blueberries. Easy breezy feast, simple bliss. . 🚫 I actually really love sausages but I try to avoid eating them too often as most out there contain many processed and dubious ingredients and I really don’t wanna feed my family and my body with them. I always make sure I read ingredients list before buying, and it’s been a real challenge to find good gourmet ones without those stuff... till I chanced upon @la_petite_boutique_sg! Their sausages and meat patties are superb! Absolutely no preservatives, additives, gluten, artificial flavours, artificial colours, extenders. LOVE those words to the max! So here you see, what’s on the plate: Thai Lime Sweet Chilli Chicken Patty, Mixed Beef Lamb Sausages, Truffle Salami. . ❤️ You’ll be surprised how big a difference it’ll make to your overall wellness when you make an effort to change what you eat alil’ each day. Your body, skin, health, even mood, will thank you. . 🌟 Choose wisely, eat mindfully, at least mostly. #nocarbs #highprotein
Huh? What’s an Iced Clay Coffee? Well, basically it’s Iced Coffee Black with Adam’s ClayMin Powder from @naturesglorysg, and oh wow, it tastes like Iced Coffee (with milk but there’s no dairy!). 🌟 We’ve been experimenting this POWER Powder with food, drinks, plants, dog, facial mask, body mask, wounds and so on... will be working on a video compiling all of our discoveries of this miraculous powder. 🌟 For centuries, the Native American Indians have been using clay mineral deposits as an internal and external healing natural product. Nature’s Glory Adam’s ClayMin Powder is a superb healing and detoxifying agent and has high nutritional value. It is a food grade powder of nano-silica particles packed with ionic minerals. It has high nutritional value; it is high in calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese and silica as well as trace minerals, also known as micronutrients. To really list out the entire scroll of benefits, I’ll need to write an essay 😅 🌟 Stay tuned for the video, I shall let the video speak for this power Clay. #adamsclayminpowder
Jumped out of bed early morning feeling very hungry, and made a jumbo All-Day Breakfast of: Pesto Cheese Toasties Butter Scrambled Eggs Sausage Mushrooms Salad Creamy Mushrooms Soup All charged up now for work today! . #fatwithinkitchen #homecooked #alldaybreakfast #balancedmeal #carbsproteinfibre
Ran out of mooncakes but it’s ok, we have freshly baked organic Blueberries Coconut Muffins to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival 🌕💙 . #fatwithinkitchen #homebaked #vegan #dairyfree #organicunbleachedflour #organicrawsugar #organicextravirgincoconutoil #organicblueberries
🐶 Koko is bilingual 🤣 Motivated by #alpsnatural from @b2kpet @kokothegreedydog #b2k #b2kpet