Doug Fahey

Doug Fahey @faheydoug

The brief calm before the storm that was me devouring the mountainous plate of food in front of me. Brown Sugar Cafe bringing the goods!
What a workout! Blisters and good times make an unusual pair. Thanks for coming along @baden_ !!
Farewell to the Pad! As great as it is living alone, new times and new experiences call for change. Looking forward to the future (and saving money)!
Get out of town for the weekend, it's pretty rad!
The Glowstick of Destiny, quite the pretty little piece of tech!
One day I'll have enough time and money to be Star-Lord... Or just enough reason..
Sweet little photoshoot last night with @uncappedlens Was a real good excuse to drink beer and sit by the water for sunset!
Probably one of the best photos of the night so I thought it should go up, even though its a little late!
UQ music society ball with a great bunch of talented people!
Surfer's, you real fine. Finally a nice day that I'm NOT at work! @uncappedlens
Noodle Markets down at Southbank last night were awesome! So much food...
Always good the see some boys from your hometown bring the love down the coast @salacious_official
Finally got to see my stunner of a sister after what felt like an age! Not a single thing has changed. @sammyfahey
Give me a reason not to go??
Getting away camping for a few days is always a good idea.
Got to meet Sam from @dragonforcehq last night, he was properly smashed but that's just the way he should be!
Short-notice purchase of tickets to one of your favourite bands is always a good thing. Such an insanely good night and an amazing band! @simon_pegg156
Thanks to everyone who managed to make it out tonight for coming, and to everyone else for the birthday wishes. You all made it an awesome day, thank you!
Little friend I found while camping a couple weeks ago. Wasn't too happy when I picked him up off the middle of the road but I managed to get him back into his pond okay!