Justin @expoxur

Just an average player. Taken by a pretty Warlock 💙 Destiny since beta. 👌 Daddy Sky 💙 Xbox One & PSN 🎮 - Expoxur

Went into one of my alt account's clips and dug out some old plays. Most of this is straight outta Y2. Hopefully it isn't too bad 😅 My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
My first class and subclass. I sadly regret to say that I was a warlock.... A Voidwalker to be specific 😅 PC: @skewbydewbydew #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
One of my favorite sparrows... hard to choose, but I'll go with the Firefly #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
My favorite shader: Sunglow. This one was an obvious choice. I really like the color combo. Just simole and clean. 👌🏻 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Number of times flawless... well I play on way too many different accounts to actually add that up. These are just accounts that are mine. I've done countless recovs as well though. On my accounts alone though, I have 133 x flawless and very likely have 200+ if you add up the recovs 😊💙 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Prized Yr 2 weapon: Eirene. It just feels like a different sniper all together, especially with the holo sight. PC: @skewbydewbydew #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
I made Playstation my playground this weekend. It was actually enjoyable. 😊 My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
I have some exotic shards left. Most of them were spent on glass needles so that I could be tier 12 with any exotic equipped on any character 😊 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Crota's End is by far my favorite raid. I just think it's super simple and easy and I like to remember the good old days of being a raid Sherpa and just soloing the raid as well 👌🏻 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
The Dark Below was my favorite expansion. Mostly because of the simple badass feature of being able to wield a sword... even if it was just a relic at that point #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
The Heart emblem has to be my favorite because my baby got it for me before we were even together 💙 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
I'm kind of a New Monarchy fan if I would have to choose. 😐 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Her Benevolence. Spent 50k+ glimmer rerolling this thing and refuse to get rid of it. It was a hard choice between this and my feeding frenzy & reactive reload hopscotch. #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Strange coins... 🌚 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Favorite place to explore: Venus. #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Favorite emote 😭 #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
Defender. My favorite subclass. #mydestinylegend My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
I'm ready to participate in my Destiny Legend hosted by @thatevolvedjedi and @destinyfeed Go check it out if you want to join in 👌🏻 My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
How most people get their stats up in Trials 🌚 My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆
I didn't play too much of the beta. This was basically my experience. 😝 My Warlock: @skewbydewbydew💙 Partners: @reset_tuesday 👻 @faith.jts 🐼 @empurrest 😸 @phoinixgaming@hoolahgaming 🍆