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For your fresh delicious popcorn contact us today Let's pop out crunchy corns for you & also plan your party. 📩eventsbydora@gmail.com ☎07010072119

#Repost @be_gorg( @repost_via_instant)Issa Glow affair Glow girl ✨✨✨✨ Her hair be giving me life Muse @_wonderlady Asked her the secret of her hair she said i only use @ujunaturals products, mehn I'm coming to get them also 😍to think her hair is a year and two months 💕 Photography by the amazing @willens__ 📸📸📸 Makeup @be_gorg #naturalhairrocks #melaninpoppin #muainlagos
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Countdown! . #badgangjollofandpalmie party is almost here. Come Celebrate & groove this Saturday. Remember to stop by Dora's popcorn stand and enjoy fresh hot popcorn😀😀💃💃💃💃 YOU DON'T WANT TO BE TOLD. . . To get your invite: 1. Follow @badgang_ng page 2. Repost any of the event fliers 3. Send your email and phone number via email/DM #events #lagosparty #partyrockers #bikersparty #placestogo #twowheels #lagosrockers #yamaha #livetoride #motorcycle #bikersofnigeria #sportbike #bmwr1200gs #ducatimonster #r1 #streetbike #suzuki #honda #yamaha #bikerwithlimits #motorcycle #motorbike #motorcyclelife
Hello people!! Dora's Popcorn by @eventsbydora will be at the launch party of @badgang_ng on the 19th of August at Muri Okunola park Victoria Island Lagos. Don't hesitate to poppin to Dora's Popcorn stand and enjoy fresh hot popcorn.. To get an invite follow @badgang_ng, repost advert on your page and get ready to come have fun..💁💁💁
Brides self examination exercise Identify yourselves Which type of 👰🏾 are you? 1. The budget bride: Search the internet for inspiration & everything from invites to table decorations is DIY ✂️ . Likely to: Make her own wedding cake, dress to cut costs. . 2. The bridezilla: Loud approach to everything. You’ll find her shouting at the caterers. Likely to: Shout at her wedding planner. . 3. The anti-bride: Refuse to wear white, nothing bridal, goes against all of the typical wedding conventions and tells everyone about it. Likely to: Elope to avoid the typical church wedding. . 4. The princess: Spent years waiting for her Prince Charming, you’ll spot a lot of pink at her wedding and her dress will be huge & bling bling 👑. Likely to: Design her wedding based on a Pinterest board 👏🏾💯. . 5. The nervous: She’s planned everything from day one and is constantly on the lookout for things that might go wrong. Likely to: Sigh with relief when she finally makes it down the aisle. . 6. The last-minute: Less excitable than your typical bride, she’s always worryingly calm while others around her ask whether she’s selected her wedding venue yet. She spends more time assuring people she’ll sort it later than she does organising the actual wedding. Likely to: Wait until a week before to send out her invitations, if she has any. . 7. The fun loving: May get married in Las Vegas, go overboard on her hen-do. This bride doesn’t take things too seriously and is the type to have an interesting themed wedding. Likely to: Show up in a bright coloured wedding 👗 and totally impractical shoes. . 8. The planning fanatic: Has been planning for years, chosen wedding colours before she met her man 😱 knows exactly what she wants. Likely to: Plan the whole thing on her own. . 9. The perfectionist bride: Has decided how the wedding will be and won’t let anything go wrong. Everything is researched and can sometimes turn into bridezilla if things don’t go to plan. Likely to: Book venue a year ahead. . . 10. The sentimental bride: Wears her mother’s wedding👗, his grandmother’s💍 & heirloom, she’s all about making the occasion.