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me and Grayson on a rock
Glad I didn't fall
I got flowers in my hair
It was way harder to get gray to balance on this surfboard with me than it should've been
Saw this while I was skating
VMAs. This is what I mean by Grayson always has cooler clothes than me
got one of these so gray could teach me a proper "spank"... this was taken after a long workout tho
At the warehouse the other day..
natural swimming pool
we're not holding hands... or are we
I think I was about to laugh or something
Hello everyone, I missed u. this past week has been A WEEK... I'm really happy I was able to get out and just see new stuff and go new places. My mind is free when I'm in the middle of nowhere so that's where I spent most of my time.. we took some of my favorite photos in doing so.. jersey will always be my favorite place and I'm glad we got to capture its beauties via camera haha. thank you guys for always being there for me and thank you for just being really cool ass people in general. this is my fav shoot ever thanks to my good friend @bryant who shot it all 📸 Since I was gone for a lil while I feel entitled to write a long caption but I honestly can't think of anything else sooo yea.. oh btw many more photos coming soon:)
warm nights
User @graysondolan posted this on my account I look like a squid
Making a forest tunnel lol
Happy 4th