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Could Stimulate•Arouse•Trigger•Spark•Inspire•Enliven•Influence•Stir•Move•Ignite•Trigger•Awaken ... @fatbellybella on twitter

TBT 2011AD I ❤️xxx
Thank u Dave for this big ass boom box. You KNOW I like my shit sky high ! I wanna hear every decibel in this bisch! I wanna get a noise complaint ! I wanna hear whistling in my ears when I turn the shit off ! I love it. I love you. #davechappelle @elaineyouknowwho @carla_sims
Back to the Present .. sheeeid. Be Spending too much mind time in the future and past as it is. There is only now. Anything else is too much work. I'm gone Let that shit BE. . but first.. I'm gone get this money... so I can give it to this man knock these dents ..out my FLEX CAPACITOR.🚀
The hereNESS and calmness of living and breathing ,moment to moment, (instead of worrying and mental "time traveling") is the MUSCULAR gift we receive after we choose to EXERCISE patience with self growth (emotionally and physically). -eb #shittalkin
New York! You know I love it bb. 👶🏾 Yesterday was event filled. Every thing was just exquisite. I love you snoop..❤️. @bmoresnoop
Electrykah x Jimi Hendrix .. I slept here many nights... Sink baths and take out.. (filmed / edited in electric lady studios -Sept. 2017 AD , ny by e.badu ..cause the enternet) #baduvseverythangtour2017ad
Electric Lady Land Studio New York City .. late night session.💜 I've recorded 4 albums here. Mamas Gun, World Wide Underground, New Amerykah I, New Amerykah II. The spirit of Jimi Hendrix is powerful in this place. My heart is full. I'm a lil tired. But this is where I recorded I STAY WOKE . So... @jamespoyser @stevemandel #tomsoars #questlove @ringosmith #dangelo #soulquarians #davechappelle #bilaloliver #qtip #common #mosdef #dilla #pinopalidino #royhargrove #talibkweli #blackthought #electricladystudio
Thank u NEW JERSEY ! I'm wo out. #baduvseverythangtour2017ad
You Can't Stop This Go We Was Born To Be What We Am Bright Light From A Distant Star And It Don't Stop. -Badu the El and Brother Bey Paris 2017 @yasiinbeyy
When my son comes home to chat over tea and trap music. #7ate9
Please fact check this app info . Keep your eyes and ears open and be helpful. ❤️
@michaelblackson heart is pure gold . 😂😂😂😂
Mama Guns aka Manuela Mexico x Snoop Lion aka The D. O. Double G. Having fun on the set .. no trippin. @snoopdogg @vh1 @jessecollinsent It's gone be lihh , Watch.
🕊 Badu Art direction captured by, my sis, @elizabethmarylavin for @d_magazine . Thank You !! Edit by EB
TBT Thank You Worlds. -eb
B Tribe is Thick ! Happy Born Day QUEEN🖤