Just as quickly as they beamed me down to this dimension , I looked up and, they were gone like a mf . . . #fbfriday 1997AD
Jumping into Friday like... 📸by Puma
First Kiss . ODB style . 😍😂 1998AD Repost : @e.baduworld
@nayrokudab & badulaoblingada 2004 or so.. Sisters *Friends* LightBeings
I'm the oldest. He's the smartest. She's the cutest. #siblings #nayrokudab & lilbadu aka dookie
"Back in the day when things were cool" Frustrated Artist Tour-South Africa 2001AD (Brother Mangoliso from Swaziland and Brother Jeff (RIP)) The year I met Credo Mutwa and rubbed his feet. The year I danced at Fela's shrine in Lagos Nigeria with Femi Kuti's band -in full tribal make up .The year I 'vision questered' to Oshogbo Nigeria alone to bathe in the Osun River, The Year I walked barefoot in Havana Cuba and rapped with a Panther. The year I held babies in my arms all day that hadn't been held before in a Jo'burgh, South African orphanage. The year Itwela (Dead Prez legacy) was born in my hands and I decided to become a doula. The year Roy Hargrove took me off to see the RedLight district in Amsterdam. The year I reasoned with Mandella. The year I left the head wrap on the boat and never looked back.
Ode to Sun Ra pt 2 "The sky is a sea of darkness when there is no sun.." Sun Ra 🎥 >e.badu
Ode to Sun Ra Happy Sun Day 🎥by e badu
Badu x Lady Bug Mecca 93 million miles above sea level. @ladybug.mecca She so trill.