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Emma 🔮 @emmalemmapemma

some people don't like jeffrey dahmer jokes but honestly it’s all about taste #itsfunnyok
I nap more than an old lady..
If I ever get arrested this should totally be my mugshot. 💁🏻
The sun's out and I'm feeling pretty good 🌞
There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion.
Thankful for this lil one (even though she's sort of mental)
I look so sad in this but I'm actually in really good mood I swear 🌞
Mondays aren't always that bad ❤️ #mainecoon
*spends 70% of my money on lingerie and 30% on food because budgeting*
Take me back 🇬🇧🖤
On my way to the airport. I've met so many amazing people and experienced so much, I'm absolutely devastated to be going home. But I'll be back 🇬🇧
Bonjour Paris ✋🏻