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Emma Beatrix @emmabeatrix

sparkles in my eyes, stilettos on my feet

☀️ first official fall Monday ☀️ 🕶32°C in Toronto 🥒36°C in my kitchen 👙don’t ask why, just enjoy it #mondaymotivation #alfredhitchcock . No°81
gluten🐿free🐿apple🐿pie embraced fall//got summer back with @deb.mazer . FACT: if you make a gluten free pie during a surprise fall heat wave and the kitchen is 34°C, you will require 5 hours, a spacious refrigerator, a wrist brace, patience, luck, creativity, some squirrel humour and a lot of praying🤞🏻🍎
city of optimists ⚾️
💡 💡 💡 #mondaymotivation #georgeeliot . No°80
bed time stories📚
some days all you need is a little cuddle 🐶💕
you say detour I say scenic route 13 years in the making ☠️☠️☠️ . #mondaymotivation #charlottebrontë No°79
focus + motivation; cue that hair tie
Saturday personal shopping vibes #yestothedress
say what you will, its a perfect Friday night look ☁️☁️☁️
i've got a boo boo 🏳 fact: white on white feels like you're being healthy
they say no white after labour day 🆗🆒
labour day came too soon . #mondaymotivation • Charles Bowden No° 78
❁ sunday bliss ❁ *** until the CNE EX air show started. now I have a vibrating yorkie and 85 pounds of husky fluff trying to sit on my lap, convinced the fighter jets are coming for them specifically🚀🚀🚀
still 👙👙summer
goodbye August & goodbye summer goodbye cast tans & goodbye shaky lefty selfies ☀️tbt to a bittersweet summer I spent outside soaking up the sun instead of working in a studio and staying pasty. Only cost me a broken arm!✌🏼
humpday 📚
I feel least passionately of tuesdays 🥀