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m a k e i t y 🌎u every Monday I choose a quote that really applies to me that day (which is why I can never get my posts ready ahead of time and sometimes its basically Tuesday). it might work related, travel, subtly relating to specific people or (watch out heart breakers😉) or lately life with a broken arm. ••• but this monday motivation is not about me. this one goes out to my best friend @deb.mazer who is probably the smartest person I know, UofT undergrad, Yale law and most importantly Northern Secondary alumni which is where we met and became friends when we were 14. she's the friend you brag about and the one who's always there and she's still the most fun person I know. best of luck to everyone writing the bar with her tomorrow, cause she's going to blow it out of the water🌟 . #mondaymotivation #fscottfitzgerald No°72
take me back 🌊
Cast Tan ✔️ 10 staples out and on to a removable cast! • pro: progress yay! next phase of healing • pro: I can take a shower sans saran • pro: proof of cast tan goal accomplished • con: wasn't prepared to see frankenstein • con: robot noodle arm is still not useful • con: less comfortable than my nice cocoon like cast (no butterfly emerged)
all season; summer ventilation rips
mastered a one hand beauty routine 💅🏻 🛀 💄 things I've learned in the past three weeks: • embracing the low maintenance life🔑 • my former grooming and dressing abilities are now my goals • how to shower using one hand (bonus: no one can complain about the length of time I take) • the art of saran wrapping my own arm • how to apply mascara without blinding myself • a knowledge of every article of clothing that I own that don't have sleeves, buttons, zippers, clasps, or anything adjustable, isn't sheer and doesn't require bra, also comfortable and more attractive than sweatpants, is summer appropriate but warm, since I'm always cold. outfits following this criteria have been tricky to put together, but fortunately my stylist diy skills have come through and I've whipped up a few custom pieces that actually meet all these requirements. #mondaymotivation #fscottfitzgerald No°71
it doesn't get better 🌹 tomato & basil from the backyard + spiralized zucchini + pesto + parmesan + olive oil + glutenfree penne
⚡️... ⚡️.. ⚡️. just laying here wide awake waiting for the thunderstorm to end like I need my beauty sleep ok?
nothing as exhausting as beginning 🛌 things I learned today: •trying to do things with my left hand that I normally do with my right is exhausting and frustrating and it takes more than two weeks to magically become natural. •no matter how hard I will my left hand to be equal to my right hand, the results are, shall we say.. abstract. •••BUT instead of being frustrated by my kindergarten like skill, I've decided to be impressed by every small success I'm able to have despite my shaky hand. •getting a spoon full of anything to my mouth without spilling is a big deal, and I congratulate myself. •when my sketches don't look the way I wish they did, I can blame it on the lefty instead of my skill level. •perfect time to let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies, relax, be content doing what I can, with what I've got, but trying a little more every day.
feeling more antidextrous than ambi 〰〰〰
I don't know how to hold a pen🙈 today: trying to do some artsy things with my left hand 🎨
operation cast tan is well on its way ☀️👙 me after today; bronzed, sun kissed hair and feeling good. going to have a serious cast tan once this thing comes off #weirdtanlines
kindergarten alphabet tracing sheets ↑things I googled today 🍼 learning to write left handed while I'm still in a cast. this is either the most or least motivated I've ever been in my life... not sure which ⚖️ . #mondaymotivation #queenvictoria No°70
I miss doing weekend diys 💧
G 🌸 🌺 D M 🌼R N I N G
ambi-damnthisishard ✋🏻 first week of being a lefty complete✔️ . cons/pros: • no sleeves/now scarf expert • must sleep with arm upright/bed is now a pillow fort • very slow one hand typing/hot male kiwi Siri has my back • makeup is a challenge/mastered the no makeup makeup look • can’t put on a bra/can’t put on a bra #mondaymotivation #janeausten . No°69
learning to be a lefty starting now 👋🏻 . 13 years ago I broke my wrist snowboarding (note: wear wrist guards always) and today its finally catching up with me in day surgery. Never having surgery before, this is a little bit scary, but on the bright side when I got up at 5am I didn't have to worry about putting on makeup... or lotion... or eating or drinking... and today it's okay to wear sweatpants in public too! (it's the small things in life) Unlike every other summer I can enjoy recovery in the sun instead of in an over air conditioned studio as well. Wish me best of luck continuing Monday motivations while learning to be a lefty ✌🏻 #mondaymotivation #franzkafka . No°68
prentending I'm in Paris ☕️🇫🇷🎨 last day of work while I recover from a a fractured wrist I got snowboarding 13 (!!!) years ago, and will be having surgery on in 4 days. Summer goals include: enjoying summer outside instead of in a studio, being healthy, getting a cast tan, and becoming ambidextrous while I'm without use of my dominant hand. Big thank you to @jeanie_lee and @daniellematar with this beautiful colouring book ❤️
how I feel about summer rain ⚡️💦 . hair by #NAHA2017 Newcomer Hairstylist of the year finalist @jesseconlee photographer @natashagerschon makeup @melaniewhitmoremakeup model @fehnfoss styled by me @emmabeatrix @plutinogroup