Emma-Jade @emmaa_jade

19 / Colchester / sc: emmajade1997🌸 I hope you're ready to see some true vanity here

Not all surprises are good ones
I don't wanna hype you but you a lucky boy if my mean ass likes you🖤
White is the colour of angels so I stick to black and make it exciting💎✨
Your name isn't David but you could still Guetta
Worlds cutest (fluffiest) puppy
I got a big ego🤷🏻‍♀️ 3 for the price of 1 but I ain't cheap
Ever seen anything so handsome?😍
Car pride #Mabel
Pout ya lips and put a cute filter on it💁🏻 #foreheadfordays
Messy 👑
Love the fact these boots make my legs look longer💁🏻
I'm all smiles #snapchatsawitfirst
Channelling my inner Gomez💆🏻
It looks like I'm gripping on to him but he was wagging his tail so hard he could've take off!❤️
Worlds cutest puppy 🐶
Double trouble 👯