Juanpa Zurita

Juanpa Zurita @eljuanpazurita

Proudly Mexican 🇲🇽, little bit crazy loco. ✉️ ᴊᴜᴀɴᴘᴀᴢᴜʀɪᴛᴀ@ᴡᴇᴀʀᴇᴅᴡ.ᴄᴏᴍ

Hola bello México 🇲🇽, pisé un charco con lodo pero igual la vida es bella | by @arturoplataa
KCA 2017 #Zuricatas ! • Este nombre se ha convertido en un símbolo para mí, símbolo de gente que inspira, que trabaja, que se sale de su zona de comfort. Un estilo de vida de rifados, aventados y con hambre de comerse el mundo. Los porto con orgullo, siempre conmigo.
Colombia, you were insane! 🇨🇴 w/ @jucaviapri @soyrix, where should I tour next 👇🏻 • 🎥 @arturoplataa X @eljuanpazurita
Colores 🎨 ⚡️
A little bit of the amazing experience in the Favelas, always happy to visit @casaamarelaprovidencia ! Every time I see the kids they show me so much, life is about enjoying the small little things, and you will be happy 😊 • Glad u came @lelepons 🙌🏻 • 🎥 @isthatjunior x @eljuanpazurita
Colombia 🇨🇴 • Gracias @marioruiz & @tattopenagos por siempre hacerme sentir en casa, siempre que visito es único e increíble. Me llevo grandes recuerdos y locas historias para contar. • Te amo Bogota, hasta la próxima ⚡️
La Paloma parcerita 🇨🇴🕊 - Colombia eres un país hermoso, lleno de cultura y de gente maravillosa. Gracias por enriquecerme tanto. Eres y siempre serás algo muy importante en mi vida.
Colombia! Mis pareceros, hoy nos pegamos una buena farra! Súper feliz de estar de regreso una vez más en estas tierras que tanto quiero. A brindar con aguardiente, paila y bandeja paisa! 🇨🇴
Good bye Río, it's always an unbelievable experience visiting, seeing the Kids at @casaamarelaprovidencia after 1 year of no contact gives me chills, I always learn a lot from visiting the Favelas, makes me realize that happiness is a matter of attitude, and the only thing important is yourself and being grateful with how your life is. Thank you for always letting me visit @jr , till next time! 🇧🇷
Haven't seen my roommate @soymarioruiz for so long. We moved together to LA to grind and climb to the top, since then, we have never been in LA 😂, we both realized that success is not in where you are but who you are, and your state of mind. Proud of you and always thankful for helping me in everything 🙌🏻! Of course we had to have a tender moment for this, so here it is. Te amo perrito @marioruiz 🇲🇽 🇨🇴
Río es mágico ⚡️🇧🇷
Vim pro Brasil, né... tive que aprender a "sarrada"! @anitta @sebas 🇧🇷
CRAZIEST story: I TATTOOED my SIGNATURE with my bare HANDS on this LOCO's back! ⚡ - My buddy @funkymatas is INSANE: he has been collecting signatures for more than 8 years! He has over 180 including Kevin Hart, Stan Lee and now your favorite Mexican too 😜!! It was such a crazy experience to actually do a tattoo, I felt like I couldn't make a mistake... if I sneezed, that's it, damage is done for ever! 😂. Anyways, huge honor to have my name on his skin! This is definitely something I'm gonna remember till the day I die. Thank you for one of the dopest experiences I've had! I love meeting crazy creative people, I can only imagine all the insane stories @funkymata has to tell... Cheers for those who STAY WEIRD 🤙🏻 - Check @juanpa to si the Tatto up close & Link in bio if u wanna see how I did it 😜😱
Bom dia 🇧🇷
Back in LA, time to grind ⚡️ | by @care_much
Explore, adventure, discover. At the end experiences are what life is all about 🤙🏻 | by @bryant
When men choose movies 😜 w/ @twan & @directedbystro (TAG 3 BEST BUDDIES)
Time alone always makes you reflect about who you are and where you wanna go. Sometimes is good to get lost, so you can find yourself.
Mirrors ⚡️👁‍🗨 w/ @mariana_zaragoza for @voguemexico 🇲🇽 • One more of this sick photoshoot by @guyaroch
One of the craziest and most epic photoshoots I've had. New story for @voguemexico 🇲🇽 Grateful 🙏🏻 • Me vuelve loco pensar en que fuimos 2 🇲🇽 a 🇺🇸 para hacer un gran editorial para una de las revistas más importantes de moda internacional 🇮🇹. Los retos cada vez son mayores... VIVA MÉXICO! • 📸 by the talented @guyaroch 🙌🏻