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My name is Sona. My life in black and white, with a touch of color. Following dreams, one beat at a time. Celebrate life.

In colour vol 3, too. Slowly making my back catalog more accessible. Next thing I put on Spotify/Apple Music/google play/iTunes finna be some unreleased stuff...
If ur new to the sound, I just posted After Midnight, my first real album, on Spotify, Apple Music, google play and iTunes. Low key still one of my best bodies of work to date in my very biased opinion +
got to know u now. We may never meet agaaaaaain
working on some new music for y'all. inspired to create again after months of bleh. thank you everybody along for the journey.
@alliemoves new album dropped today: essential listening. Wish I was a part of it 😩😩lol. You know shit is real when I post in full colour. Shouts out to @soteeoh too for absolutely killing the artwork
Microkorg S looks cool. Anybody got one?
it's not a goal if you don't write it down. Or so I've been told. Also forgot to add Play in London.
📸 @ohyeahpaulchin
📸 : @ohyeahpaulchin
My man @bhonstro and I did a combo album back in 08 when he was going thru his rap phase lol. The good folks at @deepmatter remixed the cover and put it up on iTunes, Spotify and beyond, so peep game. Can't believe it's been almost 10 years
My lil sis @alliemoves debut album dropping next month ++++++
I rap like no one out there can fck wit me. You feel different, nga see me...I'll throw a tv at you....rest in power
found a Midnight After cd. Hope to do a vinyl run of this and after midnight someday
this song tho
Devastated. Rest in Power Adam West