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I refer to my lab as the batcave
amazing the one song nobody gave a fuq about when it first came out, somehow ended up being the most popular/streamed song on my Spotify lol.
bout to drop these bars #tbt
facts my guy
preorder @hgmonsteres vinyl https://www.diggersfactory.com/vinyl/1142/es-we-are-only-getting-older
This album is LIFE @mxxwllmusic
Can't say I'd blame him for the curse 😩
The homies at Hermutt Lobby got a fly update for the Playground app coming soon, include that young @goyama x elaquent jumpoff! Getplayground.com @hloplayground
Honorary mention: Olajuwon x Thorpe
the littlest things can often make your day
Es on wax!!!!!!!! Preorder my bro's 2LP. Gill breathing tings. Link in @hgmonsteres bio. You know it's real shit when I post in colour
I think too many artists fall into the views/plays trap...myself included sometimes. I'm not gon lie and pretend like i don't want my songs to go viral and get millions of plays...but it's not something to base your art over. Obsessing over sc plays is an easy way to lose confidence in ur self and music....or gas yourself up. Your track ain't wack just cuz it only has 200 plays. Your track ain't fire just cuz it has 2 million. Anyways that's been on my mind for a while and just wanted to say my piece. Have a good night