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A visual journey through my iPhone lens.  #ShotoniPhone7 campaign @iseetaiwan & @instameettaiwan

Thank you for coming to #WWIM16💌Taipei yesterday. I hope you all had a great time at #WWIM16💌. I look forward to seeing you again. #KindComments 💁🏻‍♂️ - This photo has been featured by @instagram on September 12, 2017.
Birds eye view catch all this. #thecityseries #shotoniPhone
@instagram 已經宣佈第16場全球 InstaMeet ( #WWIM16💌) 的主題是 #KindComments (官譯: @instameettaiwan">#激勵留言)。 @instameettaiwan 也將加入這個全球性的活動,與世界各地的 Instagram 社群共襄盛舉。參與 Worldwide Instameet 16 台北場,9月10日下午2點,大湖公園捷運站二號出口集合。攝影器材不限,歡迎一起來拍照。 - Worldwide Instameet 16 Taipei 2017/9/10 14:00 Meeting Point: MRT Dahu Park Station Exit 2 Hosts: @easonhsiung @6.21_ @vigi635 Hashtags: #WWIM16💌 #WWIM16💌Taipei #InstameetTaiwan Foreigners welcome. See you there!
Sometimes I love shooting in the rain. #thewaterseries #shotoniPhone
@Apple finally launched their official Instagram account yesterday. I'm so honored to be part of it. It was great working with Apple again. #ShotoniPhone Video by @Apple
Living with pattern
Such a calm day
Dream treehouse
We all know fear. But passion makes us fearless. #caughtgramming
Happy birthday to my girl, @didiheididi #😘🎉🎂
More is less
Summer goals: #chasingsunsets
Thanks for the stride
Smile is the universal language 👉🏻😁
Till the storm passes by
Lost in Taroko Gorge. #iseetaiwan
Monochrome Kaohsiung
take a nap 😪
Central Park Space Ship 🚀
Everything is really about lighting. #portraitmode